Why I Dig Sean Singletary

The Suns acquired rookie point guard Sean Singletary from the Rockets in a trade for D.J. Strawberry. Here’s why I like the addition, reasons listed alphabetically:

A – as in Assists. Sean’s a true point guard, raised in a city known for their great point guards, Philadelphia. He’s been running offenses since he picked up a basketball. He knows how to find guys on the court, and he’s not scared of going to the basket, taking punishment, and dishing off. For all his many gifts, D.J. just wasn’t going to become a real point guard. Now the Suns have real depth at the position, which will come in handy as Goran Dragic learns the NBA way. Yes, Singletary is unproven in the league as well, but he’s played against NBA talent during college and in the off-seasons – and done well.

B – as in Best, as in Singletary played in the best college basketball conference in the country, the ACC (so did D.J., by the way). He ran his team against Duke and North Carolina four times a year. He knows pressure atmospheres and hostile crowds – it doesn’t get any rougher than playing on those teams’ home floors…in college or in the pros. [Read more...]

Tucker Back From Summer League, Ready to Roll

Well I’m fresh off of summer league and already the NBA season is just around the corner. I really can’t believe how fast the offseason has flown by.

The summer league in Las Vegas was a good experience, but as a team I think we could’ve played better. We knew heading in that we were going to have our work cut out for us in terms of finding chemistry. DJ Strawberry and I were the only ones on the team who had played together and when you try to form a ballclub with a bunch of guys that haven’t played with one another, it’s tough. [Read more...]

The Reason I Watch Sports

It seems that someone is always asking me the question, “Why do you watch so many sporting events?”

When I go to my parent’s house, my mom doesn’t mind all of the sports we watch but she does ask me why we always have an urgent need to watch a game all the time. My wife, despite being the most supportive “sports wife” in history, sometimes wonders why I can’t help but turn to a sporting event when I see it on TV. Whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, golf, NASCAR, ping pong, volleyball, cricket or anything else – if it has a winner and a loser, I’ll watch it.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reminded about the reasons I watch sports. Watching the ESPY’s (yes, I watch the ESPY’s – they deal with sports, don’t they?) reminded me of one reason. While watching the Best Play category and seeing replays of Eli Manning work his way out of a tackle and then chuck the football downfield to David Tyree who made an unbelievable catch to help the Giants win the Super Bowl, I got goose bumps. Sure, the play was exciting – even watching it several months after the fact. But because I watched the game live, I remembered the events surrounding the miracle catch – that the Patriots were undefeated and that the Giants looked like they might lose the game until that catch. And those memories made watching the play again that much more special. [Read more...]

The Doggiest of Dog Days


Barry Gossage/NBAE Photos

Barry Gossage/NBAE Photos

Shouldn’t baseball be over by now? I’m tired of pennant races that don’t involve actual pennants. I’m bored with hearing about the Yankees and the Red Sox as if they were the US and Russia during the Cold War and not a single other team – or country – matters. I’m sick of the speculation over whether this will finally be the year the Cubs win a World Series…Long streaks of championship futility only matter to me if we’re talking about the Suns finally bringing home the big trophy. I’m exhausted by trade deadlines and endless commentary over whether or not the acquisition of this middle reliever/fifth inning specialist will make the difference for Houston, trying to climb from fourth place to third, or whatever.

Isn’t it time to wrap up football as well? I say a final decision on whatever it is Brett Favre is going through should just be declared the Super Bowl for the year, the winner is either Favre or the Packers, and we all just forget the season and move right along. Honestly, I haven’t seen this many people so excited over the start of camp since my classmates hit the last day of school in fifth grade. [Read more...]