New 'Do for Diaw

Diaw talks with a reporter from France after Tuesday morning’s practice.
(Josh Greene/

More than 4,300 fans voted in the recent poll asking whether Boris Diaw should keep his “new long hair and goatee look” or go back to the clean-cut style he sported during his first three seasons with the Suns.

The final margin between the two choices was far greater than the reported gap between Obama and McCain is currently, with 61% of fans telling 3D to keep the new look. Apparently, the margin was not large enough, however. [Read more...]

Shaq Shines

The buzzword around the Suns these days is “Patience.”  It will be a process and a journey with a brand new system implemented by Terry Porter.  There are times when the team struggles with the new half-court sets and the “push your man baseline” defensive concepts.  But through repetition and commitment to The Porter Principles, you can see progress every day.  And the model student at class is one of the oldest:  Shaquille O’Neal. [Read more...]

Leandro Barbosa is back!

After missing all of training camp and the Phoenix Suns’ first three pre-season games, Leandro Barbosa is back from Brazil.  Barbosa was with the team on Media Day and then left the team to fly to Brazil so he could tend to his sick mother.

Many of the players didn’t realize LB would be back at practice this morning.  The flight from Brazil to Phoenix is 13 hours and he didn’t get in until 10:00am this morning.  He left the airport and came right to practice.  When someone asked him about the flight, he only said, “It’s a long flight.” [Read more...]

Suns-Nuggets Game is History

Sitting outside on the court for the game's second quarter, I definitely experienced the cold weather firsthand. (Josh Greene, Photos)

Sitting outside on the court for the game

I was having lunch with fellow reporter Stefan Swiat at Tony Roma’s today when we were approached by an Indian Wells resident/Phoenix Suns fan. He had noticed us sporting our Suns gear and asked if we had come out here for the game. A conversation ensued and he soon explained that he had lived here in Indian Wells his whole life a Phoenix Suns fan and tonight was finally getting the opportunity to attend his first Suns basketball game. Needless to say, he was pretty excited about it.

As I sit here overlooking the court at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, I can’t help but wonder how many other fans are also receiving their first ever opportunity to watch the team they’ve spent their entire lives rooting for. Suns General Manager Steve Kerr commented yesterday on the possibility we’d hear some boos being in the backyard of “Laker Country” but judging by the response we’ve been receiving throughout, I’d definitely say that isn’t the case. [Read more...]

The Great Outdoors

Well after much anticipation, the outdoor game at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden between us and the Denver Nuggets is finally in the books. Not the results we were looking for (in case you didn’t catch it on TNT, we lost), but definitely an experience I’ll remember.

It was unique, different and heading in we had no idea what to expect. Got a little colder than we thought it would get out here. When we took the court this evening for shootaround, me and the guys were kind of hoping that as fans made their way into the building things would warm up a bit. That didn’t end up being the case, unfortunately. It was chilly out there at certain points and the wind definitely played a factor. Overall it was an exciting experience and definitely different than anything I’d ever been involved in. [Read more...]

In-Game Blog

Boris wants fans to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
(Josh Greene/

Two fans just had a dance-off during on the commercial breaks. One of the poor souls came out in a short pair of khaki shorts and boat shoes and proved to be really out of his element. In fact, he may have gone home without his date tonight.

When it came time for the audience to judge the two contestants, they cheered his opponent and instead of just giving the khaki-dressed contestant a light round of applause, they booed him mercilessly. I guess the cold weather has transferred to the fans. [Read more...]

Outdoor Game Brings Back Blacktop Memories

The court was like Rucker Park to the third power.
Josh Greene/

Unlike professional tennis players or golfers, who mostly developed their skills at plush country clubs, most basketball players fine-tuned their games at their local playgrounds and parks.

While baseball and football may be popular, basketball is the only sport you need nothing other than a ball and a pair of kicks. It is by far the most democratic game. You don’t need to pay any memberships anywhere or buy any special equipment, you just have to show up to the park and holler out, “I got next!” [Read more...]

Suns Under the Stars I

With the Suns scheduled to play the second outdoor game in their history tonight, there was the predictable search through the memory banks to dredge up hazy recollections of the first one 36 years ago.

Saturday’s exhibition vs. the Denver Nuggets will be played under the lights at the plush Indian Wells Tennis Garden in Indian Wells, Calif., while Outdoor I was played on September 24, 1972 in no-frills Hiram Bithorn Baseball Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico against the Milwaukee Bucks. [Read more...]

Preseason All About Answering Questions

Last night a friend asked me why NBA teams play exhibition games when they’ve just had an entire week of training camp to practice and learn plays. I explained to her that coaches have a lot of questions that training camp just can’t answer and it isn’t until you go up against a true opponent that those questions can begin to be answered. Talking to some of the younger players before tonight’s preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks, it became apparent that they’re seeking a few answers themselves in the eight games leading up to the Season Opener.

[Read more...]

First game gives both questions and answers

In the wake of the coaching merry-go-round that spun Coach Mike off to New York, both General Manager Steve Kerr and Coach Terry Porter vowed these Suns would be different.  And one of the few things we could get out of last night’s game was that that promise is being kept.

These Suns are indeed “different”. [Read more...]