The Toughest Guy Named Robin

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You’ll forgive me if this is a little bit all over the place.  I’m writing on four hours’ sleep, after a red-eye to Vegas during which Larry the Cable Guy’s less handsome older brother absolutely crushed my goobers when he slammed the seat in front of me down into a completely horizontal position.  Maybe it was in that delirium, as I rode in the cab to the hotel, that I had the thought that made me giggle:

Only the Phoenix Suns could have a tough guy named “Robin.” [Read more...]

Got a Book? Good… Give a Book!

If you’re headed down to US Airways Center for this Friday’s Suns-Knicks game (and judging by the dwindling number of tickets still available, most of you are…), be sure to scour your home, apartment, or respective dwelling for any new or gently used children’s or young adult books to bring with you for the fifth-annual book drive, sponsored by the Phoenix Suns Wives organization and Cold Stone Creamery. [Read more...]

Suns Thaw Out

This one became a question of which team would thaw out first, and fortunately it turned out to be the coldest one.

The Suns, who started out uncharacteristically chilly and kept getting colder until they finally froze solid in the third period, hitting only 18 per cent (4-22) from the field. But since the Blazers weren’t exactly on fire themselves, the deficit was only four going into the fourth period, in which the Suns hit 60 per cent (9-15) to salvage the victory. It didn’t hurt, by the way, that the Blazers apparently caught cold from the Suns and hit 23 per cent in the final 12 minutes.

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Collins' White House Connections

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Most Suns fans know Jarron Collins as a hard-working and polite reserve that is known for his stingy defense and ability to rebound. But because of his lack of self-promotion, few would know that Collins is well-connected to one of America’s most powerful political families. [Read more...]

Lou Amundson to Appear at Santisi Brothers

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Suns forward Louis Amundson, along with The Gorilla, will visit with fans and sign autographs at Santisi Brothers in Phoenix Thursday, March 18, from 6 – 7 p.m. Prior to Amundson’s arrival, members of the Suns Dancers will greet fans between 5 – 6 p.m.

Santisi Brothers
2710 W. Bell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85053
(602) 789-7979

Suns Impress in Win Over Timberwolves

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Okay, so it was like shooting at fish in a barrel. And okay, it was a small barrel and the fish were dead. But even adjusted for inflation caused by Minnesota’s 29th ranked defense, 152 was still a very impressive number.

What with the Suns not exactly in a lockdown defense themselves this was a fun night all the way around. The Wolves got as many good looks at the basket as did the home team, and even though they don’t see as well still scored 19 points above their average.

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Hill Probable for Tuesday's Game

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Suns forward Grant Hill is listed as probable for tomorrow night’s home game against the Timberwolves. [Read more...]

Suns Try Their Hands as Next American Idols

On a scale of 1-to-10, Coach Gentry gave his players’ performance at the Gala a -3.
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With all of the proceeds going to Phoenix Suns Charities, the Suns & Stars Gala is an event that allows Valley residents to rub elbows with Suns players and personalities. This year’s event took place Saturday at the Sheraton in downtown Phoenix and featured the legendary musical group Kool & the Gang.

As usual, there was a little surprise prepared for the guests. About midway through Kool & the Gang’s performance of “Ladies’ Night,” the Suns’ Goran Dragic, Robin Lopez, Earl Clark and Taylor Griffin stepped on stage to assist the band with their routine.

The four players, who had reportedly practiced singing and dancing to the song, received mixed reviews from their fellow teammates and coaching staff. Although Grant Hill, who is married to a Grammy-nominated singer, said that he enjoyed Dragic’s performance the most.

When probed about whether or not it was because Dragic “owned it,” Hill responded, “Yeah, if that’s what you want to call it.”

Gentry also wasn’t particularly impressed.

“On a scale of 1-to-10 I rate it about a -3,” the Suns Head Coach said. “Thank God they can play basketball. I rate it right up there with William Hung.”

Dragic maintains that he was bamboozled by the entertainment staff and was supposed to perform a dance that he had rehearsed but was never given the correct cue. Although the second-year man is crying conspiracy to all of those that will listen, the added structure probably wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

But to Dragic’s credit, he did leave it all out on stage, whereas Clark seemed a tad shaken by his solo performance.

“Earl was cool enough he thought he was at a Snoop concert,” Gentry added.

The surprise of the evening was Griffin, who actually showed some 70s flavor and funk with his dancing. At one point, he pulled a “Saturday Night Fever,” taking off his coat and tossing it a la Travolta while working the stage. The rookie forward also boasted the best singing voice of the foursome.

Although, it’s unlikely that a record contract will be signed anytime soon.

The cause raised roughly $1 million for charity.

Suns Show They Deserve to Be in Playoff Hunt

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It tells you a lot about both teams that although the Suns were not only without a key player but also without their A game that the Lakers still had to sweat out a hectic fourth period stretch to stagger away with the victory.

What it tells you about the Suns is that they very much belong in the middle of the wild scrum for playoff seeding in the top-loaded Western Conference, and what it tells you about the Lakers is that they have fallen from Super Power status into, if not the middle, at least into that scrum. [Read more...]

Suns Getting Ready for Stretch Run

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There are few things more enjoyable in pro basketball than watching the Phoenix Suns these days. And that’s coming from a guy in Cleveland.

I’m talking about the previous two-plus weeks, as the Suns have won eight of their previous 10. One of those losses came by a measly three points in San Antonio (113-110 on Feb. 28). The other was a close one against Utah (116-108 on March 4). Overall, in the past 10 games, the Suns have outscored the competition by an average score of 108.4 to 99.7. That’s almost 10 points a game, folks. That’s what we call domination. [Read more...]