Suns-Blazers: An Objective Assessment

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All the so-called “major” prognosticators — ESPN,, Hoopshype, my Dad — have weighed in with their thoughts about how the remainder of this playoff series will play out, but none have provided you with the kind of highly-educated, statistically-driven, purely objective and unbiased analysis that you’re about the receive here, from me, the Phoenix Suns Superfan. Others have examined points in the paint, second chance scores, defensive rebounding and turnover-assist ration. I will look at the truly burning questions that will decide this series, such as:


I researched this one thoroughly, and after much contemplation, I think the edge here has to go to the Suns.

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Suns Rout Blazers Behind Bench

Another case of murder in the first degree. Third one in this feast-or-famine playoff series, in fact.

But this time it wasn’t the usual suspects that did it. True, the Suns’ trademark fast break and three-ball eventually kicked in, but it was two usually suspect phases of their game, rebounding and defense, that that laid the foundation for what was basically a rare 48-minute rout — a Portland rout the first 12 minutes, when the Blazers opened an 18-4 lead (mostly because the Suns’ defense forgot to put its teeth in), and a Phoenix rout the last 36. [Read more...]

Adjustments Are Key For Suns' Win in Game 2

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One of the most solemn articles of NBA faith is that the key to any playoff series is “adjustment”, or, in non-technical terms, what changes the loser of the previous game can make to turn things around.

So what “adjustments” did Coach Alvan and the Suns make to engineer a monster 34-point turnaround in Game Two?

Actually, while not discounting the significance of a couple of X and O moves, I’d have to say the biggest adjustment was an attitude.  One in which the Suns went from passive-aggressive on offense to aggressive-aggressive. [Read more...]

Despite Loss, There's Still Optimism

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When it came to casting for the playoffs in the West the injury-crippled Blazers got the role as overmatched but spunky underdogs, and so far they are delivering an Oscar-worthy performance.

Their well-respected defense controlled the tempo of the game almost all night, and their lightly regarded offense laid a 35-point lick on the Suns in the fourth period to give them an unlikely 1-0 lead in this best-of-seven first-round series. (Well, I though it was unlikely, and it’s my blog). [Read more...]

Downtown's New Night-Light Turns Cityscape Orange For Playoffs

One of the best kept secrets at downtown’s new CityScape project will be unveiled this weekend in conjunction with the Phoenix Suns 2010 NBA Playoff opener on Sunday, April 18 at US Airways Center, when operators flip the switch on a spectacular “Tower Crown” light feature that will illuminate the top of the building and create a glow in the center of downtown Phoenix.

Naturally, the light feature – which can be composed in an assortment of colors and with a variety of effects – will make its debut in orange. [Read more...]

Season Results Begin to Quiet Doubters

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I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure Steve Kerr would last the season.

I had my doubts about Alvin Gentry, too.

I wondered how well Steve Nash and Grant Hill will hold up, and if Amare Stoudemire would still be with the Suns after the February trading deadline had passed.

Basically, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Suns at the beginning of the year. I knew they had to do something relatively special. I knew making the playoffs again would be a start. I knew getting a little production from all those young guys on the bench would certainly help.

Other than that, I knew nothing. [Read more...]

Playoff Prospects Look Good In Win

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Question: Has any team ever made a more emphatic playoff eve statement than the Suns?
I know, I know. Such “statements” are like oral agreements (i.e., not worth the paper they are written on).

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Road Game

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So I fly to Providence, Rhode Island on business the night of the crucial Suns/Spurs game, and I arrive at my hotel just before tipoff. Not having eaten dinner, I race upstairs to my room to drop my bags,, then run back down to the hotel bar for a sandwich and to watch the game. The Yankees have just beaten the Red Sox in ten innings, so I figure I should have the television to myself. I settle in at the bar and wait or my turkey club between one guy named Sully, and another named O’Brien. The following is a transcript of our conversation, with a handy pronunciation guide thrown in for you non-New Englanders. [Read more...]

Suns Find Good Fortune As Playoffs Near

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Did you ever think the Suns would dominate the Spurs in the fourth quarter without Steve Nash?

Did you ever think Nash would be sitting this late in the season in a key game against the Spurs … by choice?

Did you ever think Amare Stoudemire would shoot like Steve Kerr from the perimeter?

Did you ever think the Suns would be this good this deep into the season? [Read more...]

Suns Grab a Great Win

Now THAT was impressive! Not surprising though, wehave been one of the hottest teams in the league since the All-Star break, but impressive! Maybe as impressive as they have been all year at both ends of the court.

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