The Fall Season – What's In, What's Out

The start of football season means one thing to me (and apparently to the Cardinals) – It’s almost basketball season. While most off-season attention has been directed down Florida way (supposedly, Miami picked up a few players), relatively little attention has been paid to the remaking of the Purple Gang. That’s fine with me…I’d relish the opportunity to see a Suns team once again rise above everyone’s expectations, and I think this squad has the potential to do it. So let us pause, before things really get rolling here, to say some final things about those who are leaving us, and those who have set their bags on our figurative doorsteps: [Read more...]

Suns Make World Championship Picks

Most of the Suns are picking the U.S., but not all of them…
(Garrett Ellwood/NBAE/Getty Images)

With the semifinals of the 2010 FIBA World Championships looming Saturday, predictions and thoughts on who the champion will be are being bandied about the US Airways Center.

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“Maverick” Nash Debuts Fox Documentary

Nash visits the gravesite of cancer treatment activist Terry Fox.

In an ironic turn for Suns fans, Steve Nash is once again being listed as a “Maverick.” Thankfully, it’s only for his directorial debut at this month’s Toronto Film Festival. [Read more...]