On the Road With Hakim

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With all of the travel associated with being a professional basketball player, the NBA season can be quite a grind at times. The Suns, who are one of just seven teams that played seven or less home games thus far this season, know that reality more than most teams right now. [Read more...]

Turkoglu Talks Turkey Day

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Bulls center Omer Asik, a rookie from Turkey, was hanging around fellow countryman Hedo Turkoglu before the tip-off of the Bulls-Suns game last Wednesday. Both players were a part of a Turkish National Team that gave Team USA everything it could handle in the gold medal game of the 2010 FIBA World Championships. [Read more...]

Lawal Impresses in D-League Debut

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Gani Lawal’s name in Nigerian means “lots of joy.” He certainly brought just that to the Iowa Energy this past weekend. [Read more...]

The Clone Wars Continue

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Okay, it wasn’t really all that long ago, and it was actually on an orange planet pretty close by. But if you attended our game on April 11, you enjoyed a thrilling double-feature, as the Suns beat the Rockets on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars Night.”

The hardwood court at US Airways Center was invaded by Stormtroopers, bounty hunters and Sith Lords during the elaborate pre-game introductions, while the Gorilla used the Force to fight off the Dark Side and defeat the Rockets’ bear mascot, and the Suns Dancers wowed the crowd in vintage Princess Leia attire.

[Read more...]

Siler Talks About Time in China

Siler said you’re not going to find much General Tso’s chicken in China.
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Not all basketball players take traditional routes to get to the NBA. Some work their way through the D-League or Europe. [Read more...]

Suns' Team Effort Defeats Nuggets

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Their fourth win in the last five games has moved the Suns two games north of .500, a modest accomplishment given they have grown accustomed over the years to residence considerably further north. However, given all the circumstances I think what we have here is one of the more impressive 6-4 runs in their history.

Okay, just TWO circumstances, but they bode well for the future.

Circumstance Number One— A top-loaded early schedule that saw the Suns open against four straight 50-game winners, and face 6 in their first eight games. And straight ahead are Miami, which only won 47 last year but had preseason aspirations of 70 this year, and Orlando, which fell one shy of 60 last year. Oh, and by the way, by the time they leave Florida the Suns will already have played four back-to-backs. [Read more...]

Suns Assistant Coach/Guitarist Seeks Band

Cartwright’s favorite genre is the blues, although he also enjoys rock.
(Not an actual photo. Although Coach can hear Jimi, he’s not actually Jimi)

Since we know that Yao Ming plays the drums (scroll to 58 seconds), at 7-1, Suns assistant coach Bill Cartwright just may be the tallest guitar player in the world. There may not be any statistical evidence to back that up, but that’s the beauty of a blog. [Read more...]

A Conversation With the Suns

Scott Cunningham

A conversation with myself about the Suns …

Question: How are the Suns doing?

Answer: Not bad. Began the week with a nice road win in Atlanta to hand the Hawks their first loss of the season.

Q: Yeah, but didn’t they lose a couple nights later in Memphis?

A: Can’t win them all. [Read more...]

Suns Charities Announces 2011 Suns & Stars Gala

The last season’s Suns pose with Kool & the Gang at the 2010 Gala.
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Phoenix Suns Charities is inviting Valley residents to rub elbows with Phoenix Suns players, coaches, and alumni at the annual Suns & Stars gala on Friday, March 11 at Talking Stick Resort. [Read more...]

Miracle Win May Be Sign of Good Things to Come

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It may have been the greatest game ever played.

OK, maybe that’s a bit much. But for the modern-day Phoenix Suns, it sure had to rank up there with some of the greatest wins.

I’m talking about Friday’s 123-118 double-overtime victory over Memphis. I’m talking about Jason Richardson scoring 38 points, Steve Nash scoring 25, and Channing Frye not being able to make a shot, but grabbing 11 rebounds off the bench. And I’m talking about Richardson hitting a reverse layup off an inbounds pass with 0.4 seconds left to send the game into the first OT. [Read more...]