Suns Get Defensive About Free Tacos!

Here's Suns center Channing Frye at a local Jack in the Box.
(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

On the court, the Suns are renewing their efforts to improve defensively. Their marketing partner, Jack in the Box, is supporting those efforts by putting your mouths… where its money is.

Currently for home games, if the Suns score 99 or more points, fans receive two free tacos from Jack in the Box when showing their ticket stubs. In addition, if the Suns score 99 points or more in an away game and a fan is signed up for MYSUNS MOBILE text alerts, that fan can show his or her text alert on their phone at participating Jack in the Box restaurants for two free tacos.

Starting on Friday, when the Suns play host to the Pistons on New Year’s Eve, fans will not only have a stake in how well the Suns play offensively, but how stingy they are defensively. The Suns will be expanding the current 99-point promotion so that if the Suns don’t score 99 points – but they do hold their opponent to 99 points or less – the fans will still receive the two free tacos.

So here’s how it works at home: Every time the Suns score 99 points at home or hold their opponent to 99 points or less, you win! Just take your ticket stub to your favorite Phoenix-area Jack in the Box for your free Tacos!

If the Suns are on the road and you are signed up for text alerts from MYSUNS MOBILE, you will also win two free tacos whenever the Suns score 99 points or hold their opponent to 99 points or less. Just show your phone at Phoenix-area Jack in the Box restaurants.

“It makes the point that in order to be successful we have to emphasize not only our traditionally league-leading offense, but also put a little emphasis on defense and have the community rally around our efforts to improve our defense,” Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said. “We are delighted that Jack in the Box is willing to support is in that effort.”

Now we know what you Suns fans are thinking! If the Suns score more than 99 and happen to hold their opponent to less than 99 points, you think you’d receive four tacos… Sorry, think again!

The limit is two tacos, even if the Suns score more than 99 and hold their opponent less than 99.

So if you are in the market for free tacos and don’t already get Verizon Wireless MYSUNS MOBILE text alerts, click here to sign up so you can stay connected and receive Suns news and special offers!

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