Vote No. 13 to All-Star and See the "Possible"

No fan vote is too small for would-be 2011 All-Star hopeful Steve Nash.

A lot of aspiring NBA All-Stars talk a big game, but how often do you really get something tangible back for your valuable fan votes? Well, now here’s your chance – a chance to “maybe” see Steve Nash dunk. [Read more...]

Carter "Bowls" Over the Competition

In the “Big Lebowski,” everyone knew not to mess “with the Jesus” when it came to bowling. When it comes to bowling with the Suns, you know not to mess with “Half-Man Half-Amazing.” [Read more...]

Suns Players Sit Ringside for WWE Raw

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

If fans were to show up to a sporting event a see that featured “Half-Man Half-Amazing” and the “Polish Hammer,” they probably wouldn’t expect to be showing up at a basketball game. They would probably figure they were going to a wrestling match. [Read more...]

STAT's Back on Friday

From once donning the orange and purple to now the orange and blue, Friday marks Suns fans’ first opportunity to see Amar’e Stoudemire’s return to the site of some of his biggest NBA accomplishments, as the Suns host the Knicks at US Airways Center. [Read more...]

Searching For Identity

Things are going so badly for the Suns these days they can’t even beat the Lakers. Just kidding. The Lakers may have been mere shadows of their defending champion selves lately, but it’s not like their ship has been downgraded to Clipper class or anything.

And the Suns actually put forth one of their grittier efforts, hanging in there until Kobe set Ron Artest up for a wide open three with 1:04 to play. Not only did the points prove fatal, but the five or six seconds he had to line up the shot (well, that’s what it seemed like) certainly didn’t help either.

[Read more...]

Vince Carter's All-Time Best Dunks

I know it’s a bold statement, but Vince Carter’s dunk in the 2000 Olympics (see above) had to be the best of all-time. Think about it. [Read more...]

Boyd to Perform at Suns-Lakers Game

With two teams as talented as the Suns and Lakers going at it Wednesday, it’s only fitting to have the night’s featured, off-the-court entertainment be someone who knows a thing or two himself about “having  talent.”

Opera singer Neal E. Boyd, 2008 winner of TV’s “America’s Got Talent,” makes his US Airways Center debut with his pregame rendition of the national anthem, as well as a halftime music performance. [Read more...]

Up Next: Hollywood, Broadway Come to Town

As if they aren’t all big games, the Suns enter the new year with another slate of monster matchups this week with Wednesday’s visit from Kobe Bryant and Co. and a pair of familiar faces from New York making their return to US Airways Center Friday. Yup, it’s the bright lights of Hollywood and Broadway in the form of the Lakers and Knicks. [Read more...]

Delightful Defense!

This was one of those man-bites-dog stories! I mean, when’s the last time the Suns destroyed a team with their defense? Besides the Suns, I mean.

Five years ago? Ten years ago? Never?

Okay, so I exaggerate a tad. But that’s to be expected when they follow up one of their worst defensive efforts in this or any other year against Philadelphia with one of their best.

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