Suns Begin Playoff Charge

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Easy comes hard for these Suns.

Granted, 105-97 doesn’t seem all THAT hard, but after building an 18-point lead largely with reserve power, the Suns found themselves in a 92-92 struggle for survival with 4:50 to play before FINALLY nailing down the victory with an 8-0 run.

Still, as Coach Alvin, speaking for every coach who has ever drawn an X or an O on a blackboard, says, “There is no such thing as a bad win,” and one of the good things about this one is that it drew the Suns into a tie in the loss column with Memphis for the bottom rung in the Western Conference playoff ladder. [Read more...]

Hill of Fame

Christian Petersen/NBAE/Getty

When Coach Alvin praises Grant Hill, he is definitely preaching to this choir. And after last night’s squeaker over the short-handed Jazz he was singing them to the high heaven.

After giving due props to Channing Frye’s career night, Mickael Pietrus’s clutch play at both ends of the court, and another routine 20-14 night by Steve Nash, Gentry got down to the crux of the matter and, not incidentally, the real key to this victory.

Coach started off slowly, saying, “I can’t say enough about Grant Hill”, but then proceeded to give it a very good try.

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Verve Sol Patrol Member Appears on Ellen

Verve Sol Patrol member Nick Corrales was recently caught on video trying to dunk a basketball — and ended up dunking himself! [Read more...]

McCoy Enters AZ Music & Entertainment HOF

Official State Historian (and Suns fan) Marshall Trimble at Sunday's HOF induction. Photo: Brandon Steiger/

Suns broadcasting legend Al McCoy is among the newest members of the Arizona Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame.

Well, just about… [Read more...]

Suns Reach .500 With Win Over Warriors

(Christian Petersen)

Historically, reaching the .500 plateau has never been cause to break out the bubbly and have street dancing break out in Planet Orange. And indeed, there were no streamers and balloons floating down from the ceiling at US Airways Center when the final horn sounded in the victory over the Warriors that brought the team back to that level for the first time since December 19th.

But put it in proper context (i.e. where the Suns were just a few short weeks ago), there is cause for at least a few attaboys for what symbolically at least signifies a wiping the slate of all the woe and raising the prospects for a bright future. [Read more...]

John Nash Dishes on Son Steve

John Nash stopped by US Airways Center last week to watch his son at practice.

It’s nothing new that dads are usually proud of their sons, but one dad is understandably fond of his “Sun.”

John Nash, father to a certain two-time NBA MVP Suns point guard, was in town last week to work in some impromptu family get-togethers. Arriving in time to catch his son-in-law (and Vancouver Canucks forward) Manny Malhorta’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes, the elder Nash stopped by Suns practice earlier in the day to check in on his son Steve, who coincidentally had a game the same night. [Read more...]

Thunder Overtake Suns Despite Carter's 33 Points

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Some nights you get old Vince Carter, some nights you get the Vince Carter of old. And some nights you get both.

This was one of those “both” nights. Carter was his unstoppable old “Vinsanity” self through three periods as he scored 30 points on 10 of 14 shooting, including 5 of 7 threes. But alas, in the fourth quarter Father Time, or maybe the law of averages caught up with him, and he went 1 for seven and missed three threes, and thus a very good chance to beat a very good, albeit very young Oklahoma City team and climb back to .500 for the first time since December 19th slipped away.

Oh well, easy come easy go. Or in basketball-speak, you live by the three you die by the three. [Read more...]

The Nickname Game

(Christian Petersen)

New Suns Center Marcin Gortat’s nickname, “The Polish Hammer,” is one of the better and more amusing nicknames to come through the NBA in recent years. I suppose, on the surface, there’s not much to laugh about…Gortat does hail from Poland, and “Hammer” is an apt description of his physical game, but there’s something about putting the two words together that brings a smile to my face. I want him to get together with ESPN football analyst and former quarterback Ron Jaworski, who was called “The Polish Rifle” in his playing days, and have a nice chat over some “kotlet schabowy” (that’s breaded pork cutlet, to you and me).

Basketball is a game of great nicknames. Wilt Chamberlain hated being called, “The Stilt,” because he felt it made fun of his height, but he managed to do all right with the ladies anyway. He much preferred to be called, “Dipper,” as in, “The Big.” No comment on how that went over with the fairer sex. [Read more...]

Gentry Picks Steelers, Picks Up New Jacket for Nelson

Sadly, Suns Head Athletic Trainer (and Steelers fan) Aaron Nelson will not have tickets to the Super Bowl this Sunday.

Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry brought him a fancy, new jacket. Can the Steelers bring him another NFL championship? [Read more...]