Next Year

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“Next Year”, alas, came early for the Suns this year. And it is my sad duty to report that the beginning of “Next Year” got off to an even more dismal start than the tag end of this year.

Although mathematically still alive in the playoff hunt, even the players themselves acknowledge the rest of the season is all about looking ahead to the future. And the preview we got last night was not a pretty sight.

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The Suns Congratulate "Bounce" Winner

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Unless you haven’t clicked on in the last 72 hours, you had no idea that something incredible occurred at US Airways Center on Tuesday. And it wasn’t even on the court. [Read more...]

Gentry Has Spring Break With the Sons

Gentry with his son, Jack, on the team charter.

Most kids this time of year go to the beach for Spring Break. But if you are Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry’s kids, you go to Sacramento. [Read more...]

On the Road and Inside a Coaches Meeting

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On Tuesday morning, corporate executives were meeting in board rooms all across America, setting their companies’ agenda for the day. The Phoenix Suns are no different. [Read more...]

"Lightning Lou" Makes Return to Phoenix

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When Shaq was in Phoenix, he dubbed Warriors forward Louis Amundson, “Lightning Lou.” [Read more...]

Back On the Right Road

Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty

It was good to see all the repaired parts back in place, and even better to note the engine seems to be running at pretty much the same 12-4 speed it was before the carburetor and one of the pistons broke down.

This wasn’t necessarily a GREAT win, but it was an absolutely not only a MUST win, but a MUST pump-some-mojo-back-in-the-tank-for-the-closing-weeks-of-the-playoffs win.

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Rays of Sunshine

Gortat is Beechen's best reason to remain hopeful.

A lifelong Phoenix Suns fan, not to mention comic book and cartoon writer, Adam Beechen contributes to as a regular “super fan” blogger. [Read more...]

Nash Named "Tweeter of the Year"

Taking the lead from teammate Jared Dudley, Suns guard Steve Nash was named Hoops Hype’s first-ever “Tweeter of the Year” for 2011. Dudley, who was recognized as the Most Valuable Tweeter in a blog on HoopsHype in 2009, was there as Nash accepted this inaugural award. [Read more...]

Hill Responds to Comments From Rose

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ESPN aired a film entitled “The Fab Five,” which was a look into the basketball careers of former Sun Jalen Rose, Juwan Howard, Chris Webber, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson from 1991 to 1993 on Sunday night. Rose, who was the executive producer of the film and a former Suns, has been in the media spotlight after making certain remarks about opposing Duke players such as Suns forward Grant Hill. [Read more...]

Old Habits Die Hard

Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty

No excuses. No explanation either. At least I don’t have one.

The Nuggets, a team with no names but lots of game, did unto the Suns as even the most star-studded rosters have been unable to do since the All-Star break. And give Coach George Karl credit for putting his post-Melo trade pieces together in such impressive fashion that the team has gone 7-2 since losing Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

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