Boxing Champ "El Martillo" Talks Suns

Talk about a guy who can “take a shot…”

For anyone who feels a need to voice their opinion on the Suns, by all means, take it up with this particular member of the team’s fan base. [Read more...]

Hill's Film Hits Festival Circuit

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Grant Hill is having quite the spring. [Read more...]

Rowley Named Father of Year Honoree

The Father’s Day Council and the American Diabetes Association of America have released their list of honorees for 2011 Father of the Year Awards, and Suns Sr. Vice President and General Counsel Jason Rowley was amongst those being recognized. [Read more...]

Count Grant Hill In

Grant Hill is the Suns' first two-time Dan Majerle Hustle Award winner.

One day after winding down his 16th NBA season (not to mention accepting his second-career Dan Majerle Hustle Award) in Wednesday’s season-finale win over the Spurs, Grant Hill was a welcome topic of discussion at the respective postseason press conferences of Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry and Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby. [Read more...]

Childress Blog: On the Road in the NBA

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Compared to playing in Greece, where I played a year ago, the travel schedule is hectic in the NBA. There are a ton more games in the NBA and the length of the season is much longer. [Read more...]

The Greatest Suns of All-Time?

Sunday was a bit of a wallow for Suns fans, what with being eliminated from the playoffs, and on national television, to boot.  I know the early-day defeat certainly darkened my day and all the big things I had planned.  Watching reruns of Jersey Shore simply wasn’t as enjoyable.  In my quest to find something to lift my spirits, however, I found something that gave me many hours of fun and introspection: SLAM Magazine’s list of the “500 greatest NBA players of all-time.”

Me being me, on seeing the list, I immediately picked it up and thumbed through, looking for any and all Suns that made the list.  Meaning anyone who suited up for Phoenix at any time in his career.  And there were quite a few, so I thought I’d share them, along with my commentary, where I have some, with you.
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Barring April rally, Suns can focus on off-season with optimism

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Eight games left. Five-and-half games out of the final playoff spot. One loss away from elimination.

For the Suns, it’s going to take a miracle. And there is only one solution.

“We have to play it through and compete,” said center Marcin Gortat.

That’s all the Suns can do. See it through. Compete. Keep an eye on the big picture. That picture may seem a little muddled right now, with many of the key players well into the final stages of their careers. [Read more...]