Blog: On the Way to Barcelona

It was an anxious month anticipating our trip to Barcelona, Spain. We could hardly wait to visit one of the most historical cities in the world. [Read more...]

Suns Dancers Talk About Their Routines in Spain

We had two days dancing and participating with the 5 United Tour series. On the first day we opening up the day performing a routine that had been performed on our Suns NBA home court “Shake a Little Something.” [Read more...]

Blog: Dancers Tackle Language Barrier

One of the first things that went through my head when I got invited to go to Barcelona was, “Yes! I finally have an opportunity to practice the little bit of Spanish I have learned over that last couple years.” [Read more...]

Blog Dancers: Food in Spain

We have only been home from Spain for one week, and I am already having withdrawals from the amazing food! [Read more...]

Blog: Suns Dancers Leave Barcelona

I woke up on Monday June 13th at 745 am Barcelona time after only 2 hours of sleep and just 30 minutes to be downstairs to leave the hotel to the airport. [Read more...]

Blog: Suns Dancers in Barcelona

Today was a blast! After we were done performing at the NBA 5 United Tour and taking photos at the Footlocker tent, we decided to go sightseeing. [Read more...]

Lights… Camera… Nash!

Here’s proof that even when he doesn’t have a basketball in his hands, Steve Nash makes for compelling storylines. [Read more...]

A Dream Draft

I know how the lottery picks in the 2011 NBA Draft in a few weeks are likely to go, and I know how I’d like to see them go. Two very different things. Here’s my hope for the latter: [Read more...]

Verve Sol Patrol Holding Auditions

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

Have you ever had the urge to run at full speed, jump off a trampoline and dunk in front of 18,000 fans while the Suns Gorilla cheers you on? [Read more...]