Suns Inspired By Red Tails

(Courtesy of Lucas Films)

It’s not uncommon for Suns players to get together on the road and catch a movie. What is uncommon is that one of them may be personally connected to the film that they’re watching. [Read more...]

Morris Looking Forward to Role on Team Shaq

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Team Shaq’s Minister of Information has gotten to Suns power forward Markieff Morris. [Read more...]

John MacLeod Was My First Coach

John MacLeod taught me how to play basketball. Literally.

When I first really became a fan of the Phoenix Suns, in 1975-76 as the Sunderellas were making their unlikely first run at the NBA Finals, I looked at Coach MacLeod as though he was General Patton or Winston Churchill, a tactical genius and inspirational leader of my heroes. I could root for Paul Westphal, Dick Van Arsdale or Alvan Adams to make the shots, but Coach MacLeod was the chess master moving the pieces, and the players were executing his vision. As this was my first real exposure to pro basketball, and Coach MacLeod was the first coach I’d ever paid any attention to, he seemed like he must be a more-than-human figure, the way he directed his scrappy underdog players past the best teams of the time. [Read more...]

Steve Nash Takes On The Oscars

It’s no secret that Steve Nash is a fan of film. You’ve seen and laughed at his viral videos and you’ve more than likely seen the documentary he helped produce for ESPN’s 30-for-30 series (if you haven’t, we highly recomend it). But what does he think about the year’s biggest movies?

Although he may be on the court in Orlando Sunday night for the NBA All-Star game and not watching the Oscars, Tara Hitchcock, as the first feature on her new website, sat down with the man who is no stranger to receiving awards to talk about who he thinks will take home the gold statues.

Retorter's Notebook: No Love Between Suns-Lakers

Kobe Bryant likes the Phoenix Suns about as much as Lady Gaga liked Adele winning Grammys. Which is to say, not at all.

I’m not just making an assumption. He’s actually told the media as much. [Read more...]

The Human Side of the Suns

Sports is escapism.

We become fans of a team to forget about the day to day grind that is most of our lives. We live and die with the athletes. We over analyze their every move. We call for coaches jobs and question players ability and desire. As sports fans, we’re basically Simon Cowell while the athletes’ are American Idol — wait it’s now X-Factor — contestants. [Read more...]

My Sunny Valentine

The Bulls are red. The Rockets are too. Unless you wear purple or orange though, I don’t care for you.

I’m pretty sure that was the gist of the very first Valentine’s Day poem I ever wrote back in the third grade. See, I’ve always been in enthralled with the Phoenix Suns long before they ever gave me a paycheck (and unfortunately it’s not the seven-figure one third grade me thought I’d be getting as the starting power forward). [Read more...]

Suns Retorter's Notebook: Et tu Barkley?

Et tu Barkley?

I grew up idolizing Charles Barkley when he was a member of the Suns. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t view him as a role model. After his famous commercial I was too afraid he’d beat me up if I did . That was the point of the ad, right? But I did love what he brought to the court and the opinions he shared with the media. [Read more...]

Morris Lobbies Sir Charles to Draft Him

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

Markieff Morris understands the way a draft works. After all, he was the Suns’ lottery pick this past season.

He is fully aware that the GM drafts him. But Morris is looking to flip that concept on its ear by partaking in a little politicking. [Read more...]

Former Sun to Speak at National Gallery of Art

If you’re a lifelong Suns fan you probably remember the small-in-stature guard with the larger-than-life socks who played for the team in the mid ‘90s. That guard was Memphis native Elliot Perry who was known for his love of tube socks — or at least desire to wear them on the court — during his three seasons in Phoenix, but it is his love of African American art that is gaining him attention in retirement. [Read more...]