Suns Radio Broadcasts to Air on FM

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The Suns’ road matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies tomorrow (April 11), along with the team’s home game versus the Los Angeles Clippers on April 19, will both be broadcast on News/Talk 92.3 KTAR. [Read more...]

Suns Season Full of Surprises

As you grow up sometimes you see your childhood heroes in a new light, and sometimes that light isn’t flattering. Other times it’s just plain scary or, at the very least, completely surprising.

I experienced that firsthand the other day while watching television. During my one free hour not spent focusing on the Suns, one of the mindless shows I watch went to commercial before I could fast-forward with the DVR remote, and I was greeted with an image of a sports idol from my youth. It was a face familiar to any Suns fan that has been in the Valley for years, yet there was something completely different about him. That was because this individual was wearing a little black dress, had shaved legs and was wearing a wig. [Read more...]

Bounceathon Provokes Internal Debate

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What would you have to get to dribble a ball for 54 hours straight? [Read more...]