VIDEO: Marshall Reacts to Joining Suns

When David Stern walked to the podium and announced the 13th pick in the NBA Draft, Kendall Marshall learned about his fate along with every Suns fan watching ESPN. That’s because, Marshall told his agent he didn’t want to hear anything about where he was being drafted. He just wanted to experience the moment at home with his family and close friends.

In his first full video interview after the pick in his home state of Virginia, Marshall shared his thoughts on joining the Suns, making it into the NBA and why his college coach Roy Williams couldn’t get a hold of him after the pick.

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Suns Players React to Marshall Pick on Twitter

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Marshall Should Remind You of a Certain Suns Guard

A rumor spread on Twitter Wednesday that it was Back to the Future day. People had the right idea, but the wrong date on the calendar. Thursday, at least in Phoenix, was truly back to the future for your Suns. Before my fellow internet nerds correct me, yes, I realize the actual day that Marty McFly fast forwards to is October 26, 2015, but on June 28, 2012 the Suns took a page from the past while looking toward the future.

That’s because, on that night in New Jersey’s Prudential Center (something that isn’t usually the normal for the NBA Draft), they selected a 6-3 guard who was known for his passing with a mid-first-round draft pick, despite already having an all-time franchise point guard. It’s something they did in 1996, too. [Read more...]

Bad Reaction to Suns Pick Not Always a Bad Thing

This may seem odd as an employee of the Phoenix Suns, but I’m hoping fans boo the team’s 2012 draft pick and it’s not because I have some sick desire to lose my job.

Before you bring out the straight jacket and treat me like I’m Charlie Sheen after a bender, hear me out.

Over the years, Suns fans booing a draft pick has been a pretty good barometer of future success. As in, when we boo, the player tends to far exceed our expectations. It’s kind of like the Bizarro version of Superman. [Read more...]

Steve Nash Takes New Starring Role

Films debuting during the summer months is nothing new. For years movie goers have come to expect the best titles and brightest stars to come out and shine in theaters from May to August. This summer though, fans get to see one of their favorite stars debuting in a different medium.

That star is the Phoenix Suns’ all-everything point guard Steve Nash who is giving his unique take on this summer’s blockbuster movies and blockbusters — the movies not the defunct video rental chain — from summers past. The all-star, along with the new YouTube channel “The NOC TV,” shot and distributed the unique takes for a series called Nash, Camera, Action. [Read more...]

Jared Dudley wins BIG Award

Whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, NBA fans know the Suns’ Jared Dudley for his unique and entertaining perspective on social media. From JMZ to JSPN, Dudley provides fans with an interesting inside look at what it’s like to live and work in the NBA. It’s those factors that earned the forward recognition from the league.

On Wednesday night NBA TV, as part of their Social Media Awards, honored Dudley with the BIG (Best in the Game) Award. The honor recognizes the player who utilizes social media the best to connect and communicate with fans.

Help us in congratulating Dudley on his great honor, just try to limit it to 140 characters or less.

The Longest Day in Suns History

June 20th is the longest day of the year.

Not just because it’s the summer solstice and our second grade science teacher told us it is back in the day, but because of something that changed the lives of Suns fans forever 19 years ago.

It’s the longest day of the year because on this day in 1993 John Paxson found a way to act like a character from Mortal Kombat and reach into the metaphorical chest of Suns fans to rip out their collective hearts. [Read more...]

Remembering Charles Barkley's Arrival

It’s crazy how 20 years slips by. And from the moment Charles stepped into the terminal at Sky Harbor Airport, the sports landscape changed forever in Arizona. There never had been and never will be a bigger sports personality in the Valley. We have seen some major superstars and Hall of Famers like Randy Johnson of the D’Backs, Emmitt Smith and Kurt Warner with the Cardinals and even Wayne Gretzky skate-in to run the Coyotes, but nobody held a crowd with bravado and charisma like Chuck.

I was watching the “Dream Team” documentary the other night, and it occurred to me how modest and humble Charles was during those first couple days in Phoenix. But once he settled in to his sizzling new home after his arrival (by the way, Cotton Fitzsimmons should have raised the roof on his convertible when he drove Barkley away from the airport that smokin’ hot day), Charles let it fly. We all know what a sound bite machine he was (and still is), not to mention his antics on and off the floor that are still legendary. But I will always remember the behind the scenes events from that first year – like the first training camp up in Flagstaff. [Read more...]

Happy Anniversary Sir Charles

This marks my 20th anniversary.

I’m not talking about a wedding anniversary – I’m not convinced someone could spend 20 years with me without losing their mind anyways. I am, however, talking about an anniversary with my first love, and don’t worry, I told my wife she’d always be No. 2 on this list.

It’s not a woman I fell in love with years ago or even a person. You see, 20 years ago today, an eight-year-old Espo became a Phoenix Suns fan. [Read more...]

Dudley Claims Bristol as ‘Second Home’

Suns swingman Jared Dudley is quickly becoming a veteran of ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus.

On Monday, he visited the media company and made appearances for television and radio. As is commonplace for ESPN, when a guest visits he or she doesn’t go for just one show. [Read more...]