Pick N’ Pop: Laugh-Out-Loud Comedies

In every edition of Pick N’ Pop, Suns.com catches up with a member of the Suns family to discuss personal preferences in all things pop culture. As always, we encourage you to check out our lists, watch the video for some elaboration and weigh in with your opinion in the comment section below. [Read more...]

The Garbage Man is in Phoenix

In most neighborhoods across America, the garbage man comes once a week. You know, that time every seven days that you are forced by your significant other, or your desire not to live in your own filth, to drag the can to the edge of the street for it to be picked up? In most suburban neighborhoods, it’s basically a ritual.

For the Phoenix Suns, the “Garbage Man” comes more than once a week. He comes in anytime Alvin Gentry feels his team needs a defensive pick up or an injection of energy off the bench. His name is P.J. Tucker and he’s just the kind of guy that the fans of Phoenix fall in love with. [Read more...]

Oddservations: P.J. Tucker Phoenix’s Type

Just because your Suns dropped a tough one 107-97 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in Tulsa, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some bright spots and entertaining moments. Here are three oddservations from the game.

1) Bench Mobbed

Sure, Alvin Gentry’s team lost to the Thunder but there was a reason for it. His starters spent less time on the court than Amanda Bynes has spent in one recently. Goran Dragic, Luis Scola, Marcin Gortat, Jared Dudley and Michael Beasley spent a combined 56 minutes on the floor or roughly 11 minutes each. That meant the bench got their first real chance to prove themselves in the fourth preseason game and they took advantage of it. [Read more...]

Goran Dragic Loves Home Cooking

By the looks of the recipe and Goran Dragic’s description of his mother’s lasagna, you can’t blame him if he’s a bit of a mama’s boy.

Livestrong.com recently caught up with the Suns’ new starting point guard to find out his choice for the best meal ever.

Dragic’s review of his mother’s beef and vegetable lasagna are phenomenal not only because of the recipe itself, but also because of the memories he has of growing up in Slovenia with his mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and brother around him at the dinner table. [Read more...]

Suns Show Effort Look for Growth

“Some of the guys you get excited about and some of the guys you want to see a little bit more from.”

Those words from Head Coach Alvin Gentry pretty much sum up the Suns’ first three preseason games. And for that matter, they pretty much sum up every boss’ view of every office in America. That’s because the key to any good basketball preseason. or any good business, is seeing effort and growth from your team.

Gentry is definitely seeing the former so far from his Suns. “For us, the main thing is we’re playing hard and competing like crazy,” the coach said. [Read more...]

Oddservations From Suns at Mavericks

With the Suns getting the 100-94 victory in Dallas, it only seemed appropriate to take a closer look at the win. Here are three interesting observations, or oddservations if you will, from the game.

1) Big D(efense)

For those of us covering Suns practices this preseason, Alvin Gentry started to sound like a broken record (or for those of a younger generation, a scratched CD or a corrupt MP3 file). For the better part of three weeks the head coach had preached that his team needed to get better on the defensive end and on the offensive glass if they wanted to win on a regular basis. It was like he could see into the future. [Read more...]

For Suns, Practice Makes Perfect

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.

At least that was the lesson I was taught as a child. Which is probably why I now write about sports for a living rather than playing professionally (that or genetics).

It’s also a lesson Head Coach Alvin Gentry is taking to heart this preseason. With more time between the Suns’ second and third preseason games than between Will Smith movies — OK, really it is just five days — it has given the team ample opportunity to run two-hour practices on a regular basis. It’s an occurrence that rarely happened during the abbreviated 2011-12 season. But is that practice time more valuable than game experience? [Read more...]

All For Orange Express

October 17, 2012

A former Suns center, Suns TV broadcaster, four entertainers and a gorilla spend three days together on the bus. This sounds like the start of a very funny joke. While so far it’s been fun, it’s not a joke.

The Phoenix Suns’ “All for Orange” bus tour is in full swing and we’re having a great time interacting with kids and seeing their reactions to our assemblies; particularly The Gorilla’s story and his surprisingly
brutal orange leotard. [Read more...]

Three Points: Suns Burn Blazers

Here are three offbeat observations from Friday night’s 104-93 victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

1) Wes Johnson is the Suns’ version of Tom Hanks. A genuinely nice guy whose work you can’t help but enjoy.

Through training camp and the first two preseason games, it’s tough to deny that Wesley Johnson has been a standout amongst the new additions to the roster that fans could really get bhind. In camp, he was the mild-mannered guy who could barely miss a shot and had a smile bigger than a kid who just got a free candy bar. The smile, and the solid shooting, has carried over to the preseason. [Read more...]

Underdog Role Not Bad for Suns

Ask a group of people which super power they’d most want and a majority of them will tell you invisibility. Sure, plenty of people would say they’d choose the ability to fly, have x-ray vision or do celebrity impressions like Frank Caliendo for a myriad of reasons but the chance to go through certain aspects of life unseen supersedes them all. That’s because only the power of invisibility gives you the chance to accomplish things and do it with the element of surprise.

In sports it is a power that teams don’t necessarily want but sometimes will accept if it’s thrust upon them. The element of surprise for a team in sports isn’t called invisibility. It’s better known as being the underdog. [Read more...]