Suns One On One: P.J. Tucker

On this week’s episode our host Greg Esposito sits down with Suns forward, affectionately known as the Garbage Man, P.J. Tucker to talk about his life in basketball, how he got the nickname P.J. and see if he can name every country he’s ever played basketball in.

Espo caught up with P.J. Tucker (@PJTucker17 on Twitter) after practice last week to discuss these topics and more. This, is their conversation. [Read more...]

Goran Dragic Accomplishes Lifelong Dream

In politics getting your name on the ballot is as simple as having enough money to run a campaign and good enough looks not to be off putting to the public. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with actual qualifications, at least not all the time (see: former professional wrestlers turned politicians.). In the NBA it’s slightly different.

Sure, both political elections and the All-Star game vote boils down to a popularity contest, but to have your name printed on the ballot in the NBA is a sign of respect and superior skill. It’s something that many players don’t take lightly. [Read more...]

Channing Frye TV Scouting Report

While recovering from his heart ailment, Channing Frye has begun to test the waters for a future in broadcasting.

We have been fortunate to have Channing’s insight and upbeat personality enhance our FOX Sports AZ telecasts of Suns games.

Channing has joined Tom Chambers and me for three Suns Live Pregame shows, along with a couple of halftime appearances. By the way, the Suns record is now 2-1 with Frye on set, with his only setback coming after the loss in OT to the Bulls. [Read more...]

Notes From Suns-Bulls Shootaround

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Suns look to win their fourth-straight home game when they play host to the Bulls tonight at 7. Check out some tidbits you might need to know before the two teams square off at US Airways Center. [Read more...]

Gentry’s Friend Becomes Foe

(Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images)

It looks as if the playbooks can be thrown out when the Suns and Lakers face each other this season. Who needs them when both teams have been studying the same one? [Read more...]

Suns One on One: Ann Meyers Drysdale

In this edition of Suns One on One Greg Esposito takes on basketball hall of famer and Suns television broadcaster Ann Meyers Drysdale.

He met up with Ann in her office on the fourth floor of the US Airways Center as she prepared for her first time on air as a member of the Suns television broadcast team. As he walked into her modest sized office decorated with pictures of her three children and her deceased husband, baseball hall of fame pitcher Don Drysdale, he noticed many folders strewn across her desk. All of them included the names, statistics and biographical information of players on the Suns and that night’s opponents the Detroit Pistons. As she looked up from writing her notes on the sea of manila, the first thing Ann said to him was that she was nervous for her first broadcast just a matter of hours away. [Read more...]

Don’t Call it a Comeback. Call it Historic

Don’t call it a comeback. Call it a historic comeback. Period.

That’s what happened at US Airways Center on Friday night. After trailing the Cavs by as many as 26 points and after falling behind 36-17 after one quarter, the Suns completed the third largest comeback in franchise history and the largest ever seen by a crowd in Phoenix. It was proof that the beauty of sports is anything can happen at any time. [Read more...]

Turner Goes Extra Mile For Rookie Garrett

It is usually veterans and coaches that make rookies go the extra mile and do crazy things. On Friday morning in downtown Phoenix, one of the Suns’ first-year players decided to followed Gangstarr’s lead and ‘Flip the Script’ on a coach.

The rookie in question was former Iowa State guard Diante Garrett and while he didn’t do it intentionally, he wound up making one of his assistant coach go the extra mile… literally. [Read more...]

Suns-Cavs Game Day Breakdown

(NBAE/Getty Images)

Time: The Suns host the Cavs tonight at 7 at US Airways Center. [Read more...]

Suns One on One: Brown and Gentry Raining 3′s

It’s episode No. 2 of Suns One-on-One, the official team podcast, and it’s an impromptu edition of the show. While our host Greg Esposito usually will only do one show a week, Shannon Brown’s amazing fourth quarter performance on Wednesday in Charlotte warranted a second show of the week. We talk to Head Coach Alvin Gentry about what it’s like to have a player get that hot, if your ever tempted to give him a breather and if Brown’s performance rivaled Goran Dragic’s third quarter in the 2010 Western Conference Finals against the Spurs. We then catch up with the man of the hour — or is that of the six minute podcast? — Brown. The shooting guard breaks down his performance and shares if he thinks anyone could have out shot him last night.

Don’t forget you can find a new episode of the show here every week, you can also subscribe to the show on iTunes and listen in the Suns App .

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