Our experience making the Suns Dancer Verve calendar was so fun, especially since all 16 of us were featured in the calendar.  When plans were first made to have the calendar we immediately thought, “Wait! There are 12 months in a year but there are 16 dancers on the team!?” So we were so excited to know our calendar was a 16-month calendar. (Plus it saves the fans a few months before buying a new one next year! Ha!)  

The first thing we did was set up times for us to individually meet at Everything But Water (our bathing suit sponsors for the calendar). We tried on just about every suit in the store!! With the help of our coach, each of us chose our top three swimsuits and on our shoot date we would be surprised with the one they picked for us to wear. 

We had two shoot days where half of the team shot one day and the other half shot the next day.  I went on the first day and when I got to Barry’s studio downtown, I was so impressed by how cool and spacious his studio was. We had a separate place for makeup and hair where our own dancer Kayla did all of our makeup (she is an awesome makeup artist!!) and Dolce had two of their stylists ready for hair (they didn’t have to do much to my big crazy hair haha!).  

When it was my turn I had my fingers crossed that the zebra print bathing suit was the one I got to wear and sure enough they picked it as my suit!! I was so excited! Kayla did everyone’s makeup opposite of what they usually do – which turned out amazing and gave us a different look!  Those who wore dark eye shadows she gave light eyes, and those who normally wore light eye shadow she gave dark shadow! I was so excited, after I finished, that I stuck around after my shoot so I could see how awesome the other girls’ shots turned out! 

After that we didn’t know if we would get to see the final shots that they picked of us.  But we were in for a little surprise at our holiday party!  We watched a slideshow and finally found out who was the cover girl, Kayla! And we also saw our three calendar shots along with which month each of us got. I loved every single picture and month! At the end of the slide show we found out what our center page was going to be since everything was a surprise. But I was speechless when my picture came up on the screen as the centerfold!! I definitely didn’t expect it at all!  

We are all so proud to be the first set of Suns Dancers to have ever been a part of a calendar.  I still get so excited each time a fan approaches me at a door with a calendar and marker in hand because this is one of the coolest things I have been a part of.  One day when I have kids I will be able to say to them, “Hey look at what your mom did!” Haha!

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