Raja Bell and Amare Stoudemire enjoy a moment during the Suns’ victory on Sunday.
(NBAE Photos)

After being counted out of the series by most, the Suns kept their season alive with a superb game four performance! What happened?! They looked like the Suns Team we have all come to love. The Suns had two players step-up, big time! Raja Bell had his best game of the season, scoring the first seven points of the game and tying his season high with 27 points. The Suns haven’t lost this season when he scores 20 plus points, going 12-0. Boris Diaw proved again he is a much better player as a starter. Coach Mike inserted him into the starting five for the 20th time and he just missed his sixth triple-double of his career. Boris has said it doesn’t matter to him if he starts, but I beg to differ.

It still comes down to making shots. Tony Parker – as hot as he was in Game 3 – cooled off, Manu Ginobili likewise looked human and Tim Duncan was not his usual dominating self. In the previous game, the Big 3 scored a combined 84 points, on Sunday they were held to 42. The trio had 90 points in the first game of the series.

All in all, the Defending World Champions looked vulnerable. Yet, remember they had a cushion to work with, needing only one win in the next four games. Now, they must capture one more victory in the next 3 outings. The Spurs are a team that thrives on pressure. That’s when the mental toughness kicks in. They have seen everything during their run to four titles in nine years and they have a ton of pride. They are a team that knows how to play and how to win. However, if the Suns get this series to a game 6 – look out!! The Suns could make history with a back door sweep!

Hey, let’s make some history!!

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