Hey what’s going on out there in Bloggersville, USA? I know it’s been some time since my last post but I’ve had a pretty eventful summer. On May 7, I lost my grandmother, so I needed personal time with the family to work through the loss. She was 85 years old and meant the world to me. It took my entire family by surprise because she was very healthy and getting around like a woman half her age. She was the matriarch of our family and was one of the most influential people in my life. Everyone who’s ever met her, fell in love with her. She was very grandmother-like but was real “hip” on the times. Much Love to everyone for your prayers and acts of kindness. I really appreciated them. Especially those from my Suns and Bay area Families. You guys are the best! Love ya Gran. Miss ya.

It’s good to be back! I was extremely busy this summer with my foundation. I’ve been so blessed that I feel obligated to give back to communities that have given so much to me over the years. My foundation, “The Jason Richardson foundation” is all about making a difference in the lives of young people. Everything I do, they’re represented in some shape or fashion.

This summer we fed a 1,000 families in need of food assistance, mentored, and raised money for agencies that impact inner city youth, like the United Way. Thanks to all of those young people who worked so hard to make everything so successful. You can see what I’ve been up to this summer on my website JRICH23.COM. (Including photos of me, Chris Paul, and Stephon Curry at my basketball camp hosted during Tom Joyner’s Family Reunion).

This season should be a good one. Everyone is counting us out and really aren’t expecting much from us, but we’re going to show them how it goes down in the Valley of the Sun. Grant, Steve, and myself have promised to give 110% and lay it all on the line. We are going to catch a lot of people off guard. Don’t sleep on us!!!

We’re working out really hard right now. Everyone is beginning to gel together. I’m glad because I didn’t have an opportunity to do that last season as transplant. I think last year we spent a lot of time adjusting to all of the changes that we didn’t really get a chance to focus on the TEAM. This year we’re coming out as a team with a mission. People sometimes overlook how change impacts the effectiveness of great teams, but it does.

I just wanted to get the cob-webs out and drop everyone a line. I haven’t forgotten about you, just putting things into perspective.

Until next Tuesday,


Visit Jrich23.com, his official site, for more information on Richardson.

  • Eutychus

    Great to hear from you JRich! My condolences for your loss as well! I am very excited for the season to start – we need you to light it up JRich, take care of business for us!

  • Maya

    Im so excited for you guys and looking forward to see your 3 pointers again :) )….and of course im looking forward to see all of you I mean the WHOLE SUNS team Go phoenix SUNS were #1 :) )

  • Richard

    sorry about your grandmother J-Rich good luck on the season, not many people are expecting anything great from the suns but i know you guys can do good and get to the FINALS!! we have waited so long for it. hopefully the team will work together to get the job done. and hopefully STAT does not get injured again.

  • Tomas R. Sanchez

    Hey Jason, como estas?
    My name is Tomas, I’m in the military(Air Force)station at Kadena AB Okinawa,Japan. I’ve been a SUNS fan since 1992 and I really think that you guys got a chance to be the team this year. Back then i was one of the few Suns fan in Puerto Rico (everybody loved The Bulls)and from Barkley, Kidd, Marion and now you I still believe! GO SUNS
    From Okinawa, SSgt Sanchez and Fam.

  • CarlaP2

    Hi JRich. Sorry to hear about your loss. I think it’s been a summer for that. But I’ve been looking forward to seeing you guys on the court. Not listening to the media..They’ve always discounted the Suns as a team. I don’t know why the media really doesn’t like this team, I think you guys are awesome, on and off the court. Good luck! *HUGS*