The Guarantee Game is here! As a prelude, I asked fans on my Twitter site to send me their guarantees for the game Tuesday in Memphis. Needless to say, some guarantees are not Air Tight, Rock Solid or worth their weight in Guaranteed Gold. But they are amusing to look back upon…including the Guarantees from The Suns Live Broadcasting Team:

Tom Leander Guarantee: Neither Gravity-laden Power Forward Luis Scola or Zach Randolph would dunk in the game

Outcome: WRONG!! Randolph dunked in the first 2 minutes of the game!

Channing Frye Guarantee(okay, Half a Guarantee): The Suns would lead at Halftime

Outcome: CORRECT (would have been juicier had he Guaranteed an OT game)

Tom Chambers Guarantee: Goran Dragic would have at least 20pts and 10 assists

Outcome: WRONG!! But not by much. Goran had 19pts and 7 assists(and boy, could we have used that one FT)

Leander Twitter Followers:

@DancingDads Guarantee: that @Suns fans want to see Tom Chambers w/ @DancingDads soon


@ElmerAnthony Guarantee: the Suns play hard as usual and will lose a close one in the end


@KEVINO2145 Guarantee: Beasley would have a big game

Outcome: Not really

@ElChosenJuan94 Guarantee: Marcin Gortat will out-rebound Randolph and Gason combined

Outcome: ZBo had 22 rebounds, enough said

@adamflott Guarantee: Dudley wears a headband and Gentry looks killer in his suit

Outcome: Another Winner!!

@spotz777 Guarantee: This game is the start of a Suns win streak

Outcome: Maybe Thursday vs Mavs??

@HighStakes0707 Guarantee: The Suns will have another come from behind win

Outcome: They actually led most of the night!!

@phxgirl123 Guarantee: The Suns win and Justin Timberlake(new minority owner of the Grizz) will dance at some point if at the game

Outcome: No win and No JT sighting(but he’s one of my favorite entertainers. Funny and talented!)

@arizonashane Guarantee: The Suns outrebound the Grizz by at least 5 boards

Outcome: See above(ZBo’s numbers), not happenin’

@nickgarcia13 Guarantee: Dragic drops 20

Outcome: like TC, you missed by “this much”(think index finger a centimeter from thumb)

@AZpacman Guarantee: 5 Suns will score in Double Figures

Outcome: Will you accept 6 players??!!

Good stuff, tweeps. But it IS a serious lesson in the risk of making guarantees. Nonetheless, the Suns have gone out on a major limb with their Money Back Guarantee. Hopefully their success ratio is much higher than the Guarantees in this blog!


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