For someone in constant demand both on and off the court, it’s almost refreshing to see Steve Nash play to what could be his favorite audience… an empty house.

While his teammates go through their customary pre-practice stretching amid light-hearted laughter at the closed University of San Diego’s Jenny Craig Pavilion, Nash can be found off in a corner, fine tuning his jumper — not that it needs it, of course.

It’s not so much an anti-social retreat to another end of the arena, but more a therapeutic exercise that’s the basketball equivalent of alone time. Sometimes, he’s got someone to shag for him under the basket, sometimes not. 

But for a few minutes anyway, he looks most comfortable lost in his own world.

In this particular setting, he’s no longer a two-time MVP or an All-Star floor general. He gives off the appearance of an average Joe without a care in the world. He’s reduced to a self-professed gym rat without a care in the world, alone with his ball and a hoop – at least until tip-off.

And if it were up to him, he probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

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