I’m pretty sure LA is there somewhere.

There is no love lost between the Suns and Lakers, but what about between the cities they call home?  Let’s take a fun, light-hearted look at how Phoenix and Los Angeles match up for the Western Conference Finals.


First off, let’s just examine the names.  Los Angeles goes by many nicknames like “The City of Angels” (turns out this isn’t even remotely true!). The most popular way to refer to it is “LA” – not very exciting. What do you know what is “x”-citing – “Phoenix” – a symbol  of rebirth, of victory coming from earlier defeat.

Not only that, but it also has the letter “X” in it which is one of the coolest letters in the alphabet.  Go ahead think of some words with X in them… that’s right, they’re all awesome.

Advantage: Phoenix


Since I just recently mailed in my 2010 Census form, we’ll have to rely on numbers from 2000. LA ranked 2nd in the nation back then with a population of 3.8 million people. Phoenix was 5th in the country with a population of 1.6 million.

Advantage: Phoenix, for two reasons…

1) The People

According to a study I just completely made up, the population of Los Angeles is comprised of 75% failed actors and actresses, 5% rich and famous people, and 20% costumed characters in Disneyland.

Meanwhile, Phoenix has a growing base of native Phoenicians while still importing honest, decent and awesome people from other states (like me!).  You want to meet people from Kansas, Idaho, Texas, and Missouri all in one night? Visit a bar in Phoenix in a Friday night.  If you only want to meet people from Kansas, go on a Monday morning.

2) The Traffic

The traffic in Los Angeles is infamous. You want to know the real reason for the week-long layoff between the second round and the conference finals? It’s because the Suns bus has been stuck on the highway on the way to their team hotel this whole time.

There are so many people in LA all trying to go where you’re going but get there faster.  The last time I visited an LA beach I ended up parking in Chandler and walking. So California can keep its gridlock, I’ll be fine with my logically planned, grid-pattern city streets.


Not much is known about LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa – seen here hugging an evil robot from the future sent to destroy John Connor.

Phoenix mayor Phil Gordon certainly knows how to dress!

Advantage: Phoenix


Phoenix is home to some big names including Wayne Newton and Alice Cooper. We’ve given the world cool bands such as Jimmy Eat World and the Gin Blossoms.

The chief export of Los Angeles? Annoying Laker fans.

Advantage: Phoenix


This is the face of our franchise

This is the face of the Lakers

Advantage: Phoenix, Enough said.


    Great blog, I needed a laugh. This waiting until Monday is agony.

  • http://kevinrehberg.blogspot.com Kevin

    Look at all that smog. Gross! Phoenix wins.

  • Andre


  • 15 championships!

    pleaseee! you guys cannot be mentioned as equals to the LAKERS.We have champinship pedigree with 15.AND U HAVE 00000.

  • Ken

    I heard that LA is boycotting Phoenix. I HOPE that means that the Lakers will boycott us also. At least Koby. Please boycott us. We really do not want to see your mean face around this city.

  • Brian

    Everyone needs to call Southwest airlines and ask them to add a late flight from LAX to PHX for 5/17 & 5/19 so fans can stay for the game and still fly the official Suns airline home after the game! Can’t get out of LA that night at all otherwise!

  • Steve Jr.

    @ Brian I think you mean call US Airways to add some flights… they are the airline of Phoenix

  • Jason

    Lakers fans need to stop talking about the past…..this is now and the future is the Phoenix Suns!

  • http://twitter.com/brob35 Brandon

    His name is Kobe

  • Anthony

    This has got to be the stupidest blog i have ever read!

  • sistakerri

    Funny post! I like it. 15 Championships! Wow, it takes a complete loser to hop onto a competing NBA team’s website to leave a “you can’t be an equal to the Lakers” message. We may have 0 championships, but that’s all the more reason to make sure you stay @ 15 Championships!

  • Sneha

    Lol! I live in L.A. (but am A HUGE, DIE-HARD SUNS FAN) but this is totally true! the only thing I’m not liking about phx right now is the immigration and ethnic studies laws, and arizona’s governor! lol but let’s not get political.

    You forgot the major advantage phoenix over L.A. has though: The Suns.


  • Max

    Get over the past. It is one game at a time. Ask LeByron? I can remember Kobie pouting and taking himself out of the game in PHX the entire 4th qtr., when the Suns were whipping their movie star A–. Kobie a one man show, that needs to stay out of Denver??? Buy him for he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth. Become rich.

  • Max

    Remember when the TV pick up the “Stars” at least they think they are, it is free TV time for most of them. I bet most of them do not even know the difference in Offensive an Defense. They just want to be seen on TV. Makes one want to gag. One bad movie and they are busing tables.


    Lets blog facts. LA is a very good team and they have one of the 3 best players still running the floor. Add a good center whose hurt worse than reported, is moody and doesn’t always give it all. A forward they got as a gift, how I still don’t know, whose very good when not defended, boxed out or roughed up. A guard thats been around a long time, shoots some 3′s, has no real backup, but can be defended by Nash, so enough said about that. Then there’s a genuine head case, (believe me us Suns fans no one when we see one) and a sometimes good other times absent forward, recently married, (to another head case). Throw in a Walton and some other guys disguised as a bench. Okay, I’m sorry, I gave it a fair try but those facts still didn’t change my mind, Suns in 6.

  • BPHX

    This is our YEAR !


  • Rakeback

    @15 championships!

    Can’t believe you’re reading Suns blogs just to occasionally drop an intelligent comment like that LoL.

  • K_PHX

    @ Steve Jr. US Airways might be based in Phoenix, but SWA is the official airline of the Phoenix Suns and the NBA. Watched a game lately? There is always a SWA commercial or 4 :)

  • Joel E.

    The Lakers in 5 ! you guys know there the better Team!! The Suns have had a great season. and it’s over .

  • Cathy

    GREAT BLOG! I also live in l.a. and i luuuvvv the SUNS!! I will luv them with r w/o championships. laker fans only support their team when they win. but if the refs don’t cheat, SUNS WILL WIN!!! GOOOOOOO SUNS!!!