We had our intra-squad scrimmage tonight. It was a little sloppy, but that’s to be expected with the first real scrimmage. It was good to get out there and try to work all the kinks out, and it was fun to get out there and play in front of a crowd. I think the fans had a good time and hopefully you enjoyed the game if you watched it online.


Speaking of having a good time, we had a team dinner last night which was cool. It was nice to sit down and just relax together after working hard all week. We initiated the rookies, too, making them do some embarrassing things.

Shaq was giving them the hardest time. He was the drill sergeant, making them yell out their names, and had them doing defensive slides down the aisles. They had to dance and sing to a table of women. I think the whole restaurant enjoyed it. It’s fun to haze the rookies because they all take it in stride and have fun with it. Your first year is always going to be tough, though. You’re the low man on the totem pole, so we’re trying to get them accustomed to that.


Training camp has been all about getting used to everything, the coaches, players, a new system. It’s really new to everybody, including the coaching staff. But I think we just need some time to get used to it and we’ll be alright. We’re still going to be pushing the ball, but we want a little more structure. 


I’ve been matching up with Grant during practices and during tonight’s scrimmage, which has been fun. He was one of my favorite players growing up. He was one of the best players in the league when he was young. He got hurt and fell a little bit but he can still bring a lot to this team. He can do a little bit of everything: handle the ball, play the forward position if he needs to, play the two, as well. His versatility is great. So it’s been good getting to know him a little better.


I’ve actually bonded with a lot of players this week: Grant, Boris, Steve, Raja, Shaq. We all talk constantly and have been hanging out between practices. I got a chance to know LB really good the last couple weeks, too. We were hanging out and working before camp and before he had to go back to Brazil to be with his mom. She’s suffering from cancer and has pneumonia right now. My mom passed from cancer last year so I know what he’s going through. I haven’t talked to him because his phone isn’t working over there but I’ve left him a couple of messages to tell him if he needed anything to give me a call. Hopefully, he’ll get back soon. 
Well, I’m off to bed. One more practice in Tucson tomorrow and then we head back to Phoenix. Before I log off, though, I want to say “Stay tuned.” We’re a work in progress, but we’re going to be an exciting team. The media is not expecting us to do much, but as long as we have the Suns’ fans in our corner, we’ll be all right.



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