As most of you probably know, the Phoenix Suns are playing the Los Angeles Lakers on Christmas Day.

And as Steve Kerr so eloquently explained, the Suns organization is doing a great job of making the game as comfortable as possible for the players and their families. Hopefully it will make playing the game a little easier and the Suns can come out with a win!

After the Lakers game, the team stays in LA to play the Clippers on Thursday night. Same building, different floor. Both games are against division rivals yet because the Lakers are so close to the Suns in the standings (only two games behind Phoenix in the Pacific Division and 6th in the Western Conference) that game seems to be the one on everyone’s mind right now. Well, that and it’s a nationally televised game. If the Suns win the game, they go three games up on the Lakers and then go into a back-to-back with the Clippers on Thursday and Friday while the Lakers then have to face Utah and Boston. The Clippers have been struggling so far this season and are currently eight games under .500. and 9.5 games out of first place in the Pacific Division so those games are a good chance for the Suns to try and build a larger lead in their division. Obviously, nothing is certain in the NBA and the Suns will have to play hard to beat the Clippers but I like the Suns’ chances.

If the Lakers win, all of the sudden they are just a game behind the Suns in the standings and are on a roll while having 4 consecutive games at home. LA has won eight out of their past 10 games. Only Boston has a better record over the past 10 games. So that makes the Suns/Lakers game that much more important.

So what are your thoughts on the Christmas game? Will you be watching? Are you planning your day around the game or will you try to catch it if the timing is right with the rest of your day? For my family, we’ll be getting our festivities done early and we’ll be heading over to my parents’ house to watch the game. This time of year is all about enjoying your family and friends and there’s hardly a better way to do that than by watching the Suns win the game against the Lakers and then follow that up by beating the Clippers two days later.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Enjoy the game.

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