Contrary to popular belief – OK, it’s not popular at all – Suns head coach Alvin Gentry will not be joining the Arena Football League. That won’t stop him from being part of the league’s highlight reel this season, though.

On Saturday night, late in the second quarter at US Airways Center, Rattler quarterback Nick Davila dropped back, threw into the back of the end zone and found an unexpected, yet familiar, receiver. That wideout was Gentry, who made an impressive two-handed grab while leaning over the boards. The catch happened just hours after his assistant coach, Dan Majerle, was making a more highly-publicized catch of his own just a few blocks away.

No one will confuse Gentry for Jerry Rice anytime soon or even Arena Football legend Hunkie Cooper, but his catch still did grab the attention of the crowd in attendance and the announcers calling the game. Just don’t expect Gentry to trade in the clipboard for gloves and barking out play calls for cutting across the middle.

While he didn’t get credit for the touchdown, we here on will give six points and some praise for rocking the orange even away from the sidelines. There’s only one question left: Who made the better grab, Gentry or Majerle? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

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