Putting yourself in a photo not only proves that you showed up to work, but that you are, with a question, a two-bit hack. (Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images)

If you are a hoops fanatic chances are you are doing two things: You’re either in Phoenix right now for 2009 NBA All-Star or you are glued to the computer because reading all of the morsels of information that we are feeding you.

If you find yourself in the latter position, I’m going to try to let you in on my why All-Star is so unique. As I was done conducting my interviews with all of the players involved in the All-Star festivities this year, I was walking back to the arena as I saw a group of about 20 guys that looked lost. The leader of the group glanced at me and asked me how to get to Bank of America. Since it was on the way to the arena, I told them I’d show them the way.

It’s not that interesting of a story, until I mention that the leader of that group of people was the Knicks’ Nate Robinson. I told the former slam dunk champ that he should know his way around Phoenix, being that the Suns drafted him.

Without missing a beat, he replied, “Hey, I didn’t ask to get traded.”

He told me he loves playing for Mike D’Antoni and believes that Steve Nash isn’t as bad a defender as people make him out to be. He said that if any point guard is left out on an island against the other great point guards in the league, they get broken down. But he’s a fan of Steve’s game.

It goes to show you, you never know who you’re going to meet at All-Star.

Brook-man on Robin

As Brook Lopez participates in the Rookie-Sophomore Game tonight, his brother Robin is playing host to the entire family.

“I was just at his house hanging out,” Brook said. “It was great to see everyone; all my brothers, my niece and my mom, obviously. I don’t really care much for Robin, but I get to see my niece and act like a kid again.”

Just in case you were wondering, Brook was being sarcastic about his twin brother, and is indeed looking forward to spending time with Robin. This is both of their first All-Star experiences.

“It’s all kind of overwhelming and I’m trying to take everything in,” Lopez said. “I’m looking forward to the dunk contest. If I had to choose who will win it, I think I’ll have to go with Superman (Orlando’s Dwight Howard.”

Brook compared the atmosphere to excitement felt around the NCAA Tournament.

“Even teams like Cornell were hyped to be there,” he said.

Although Brook wished his brother would have been asked to play in the Rookie-Sophomore affair, he understands why Robin isn’t receiving as much of an opportunity as he has in New Jersey. But he feels that Robin will make the most of whatever comes his way.

“He needs to take whatever minutes he gets, work hard and show coach why he should be out there,” Brook said. “He’s playing behind two future Hall of Famers and I’m sure learning as much as possible and soaking everything up.”

Brook might be a good person to have Robin’s ear. Currently, he’s averaging 12.3 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.9 blocks a game, while shooting 51 percent from the floor.

Tapped Out

This morning on the Moving 97.5’s morning show with Lucas and Nina, they brought some of the Suns players on to do a segment entitled, “Tap Out.”

The premise of the segment is to ask the players controversial questions and see if they have the courage to go through with answering the question on live radio.

Steve Nash was asked two questions before refusing to answer the third and thus having to “tap out.” When asked who had bad breath on his team, he said half of his teammates suffered from that malady. Then, when asked who the most overrated player on his team was, he replied, “Robin Lopez.”

Lastly, when the radio hosts asked the two-time MVP who had the ugliest wife or girlfriend on the team, Nash finally “tapped out.” He wouldn’t go that far.

Shaq, on the other hand, did not have a problem with being as candid.

The 7-1 center said that the Kings’ Sheldon Williams had the worst breath in the league and then when asked who had the hottest wife on the team, he said that he did. When the disc jockeys said that he couldn’t say himself, he quickly responded by naming Grant Hill’s wife, Tamia.

When asked under intense pressure which girl was his least favorite, O’Neal chose Lou Amundson’s better-hald. From how it sounded, I think Lou was right there, enduring yet another prank from the Big Cactus.

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