(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

The polling on the website is finished and Lightning Lou is the newly appointed nickname. I like the name, although I am slightly dissapointed that my personal favorite, Thor, didn’t even crack the top five. I probably should have mentioned this before the whole poll was finished as it might have swayed some fans on the fence. But if it’s lightning you like, let me point out that Thor defeats his enemies using his giant hammer, which also has the power of lightning.  I know this because I Googled it, and consulted with Robin Lopez on my findings. I also learned that Thor is a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ that has dropped 50% of it’s value in the past five months, and also a company that produces quality motocross jerseys, pants, and gloves. This informtion may or may not be relevant, I haven’t decided yet.

The past week has been really up and down for us. We lost to Chicago at home after losing another close game to the spurs. We followed this loss up by beating Sacramento. We were up by 50 points in this game, it ended up being the highest margin of victory of the NBA season thus far. I realize the Kings are not a good basketball team right now and have injuries, but it still amazes me how we can go from playing so poorly to playing so well. When we get in a rhythm offensively and play hard, we are a tough team to beat. But I’m sure a lot of teams can say that, the hard part is doing it every game. We have had a lot of team meetings on the subject but my opinion is that you can only talk so much, eventually everybody has to be held accountable and we just have to get it done. It may sound cliché but there are no tricks or secrets to winning; it’s hard to bring it every night, if it wasn’t, everybody would be in the playoffs.

I am currently writing this on the plane to Philly, in between losing hands and, consequentially, most of my money to these jokers in this ridiculous game of poker. I wonder if there is a game being played somewhere right now that could possibly be worse? I bet not. The way things are going right now, however, I’m sure I would lose that bet too.

It’s going to be weird to go back and play in Philly on the visiting team but I am looking forward to it. Not that I need any more incentive to play hard, but having been there last season and not getting any burn at all makes this game a little different. I still have some friends on the team there, so I root for them, but honestly, I hope we blow them out. To work so hard at something and never see any results is truly frustrating. That’s how this league is sometimes though, and I understand that…but I still hope we beat the brakes off ‘em.


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