Several people have been writing about how the Suns don’t match up to “Finals-worthy” teams like the Spurs. I just didn’t get what everyone was complaining about so I decided to do a little number-crunching to find out what I was missing.


Are the Suns “Finals-worthy”?  

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Without naming the team, which numbers would you rather have:

Team One

  • 0-3 on the road in December
  • 7-2 at home in December
  • 3.41 blocks per game in December
  • 43% shooting percentage in December
  • 5-5 in the past 10 games
  • 3-3 in the past 6 games

Team Two

  • 7-4 on the road in December
  • 3-1 at home in December
  • 7.8 blocks per game in December
  • 50% shooting percentage in December
  • 6-4 in the past 10 games
  • 4-2 in the past 6 games

Since this is a Suns blog, you probably already know that Team Two is the Suns. But my point is this: Phoenix played 11 games on the road in December and only 4 at home. In December, they had two fairly long road trips, the most home games they had in a row was two, they played 3 more games than the Spurs and still had a 67% winning percentage.

Sure, there are improvements the team can make. They can still improve their rotation on defense and they can pick up the pace on offense a bit. But if they keep winning the way they have in the past 30 games, they’ll end up with 54 wins and should take the Pacific Division title again. The Suns are good enough that they don’t really have to worry about making the playoffs. They’re like the other elite teams in the league that use the regular season to tweak their lineups, test out new things and get ready for the playoffs. And while they’re doing that, they are still pretty darn entertaining.

I’ve said this before but I would like to say it again: Let’s enjoy the ride! There aren’t too many teams in the NBA that are as entertaining and as successful as the Suns are.

Oh, and one last thing, Happy New Year!!

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