Goran Dragic Loves Home Cooking

By the looks of the recipe and Goran Dragic’s description of his mother’s lasagna, you can’t blame him if he’s a bit of a mama’s boy.

Livestrong.com recently caught up with the Suns’ new starting point guard to find out his choice for the best meal ever.

Dragic’s review of his mother’s beef and vegetable lasagna are phenomenal not only because of the recipe itself, but also because of the memories he has of growing up in Slovenia with his mother, father, grandfather, grandmother and brother around him at the dinner table. [Read more...]

Suns a Top Five Team on the Rise

Another day, another superlative from the NBA.com Hang Time Blog regarding the upcoming edition of the Phoenix Suns.

Just a day after blogger Sekou Smith proclaimed Goran Dragic one of the Five Guys to Watch entering the 2012-13 season, the author came back Wednesday to declare the entire team one of the league’s Five Teams on the Rise.
Smith explained that he likes the group of players the Suns collected this offseason – including Dragic, Michael Beasley and Luis Scola – because they will all be playing with “huge chips on their shoulder this season.” [Read more...]

Dragic No Longer Under the Radar

After two and a half seasons as a backup in Phoenix and another half season as a backup in Houston, the limelight is beginning to shine on Goran Dragic.

The opportunity given to Dragic after re-signing with the Phoenix Suns this offseason and his performance while starting at point guard for the Houston Rockets, has allowed for his name to be mentioned with more frequency going into the 2012-13 season. [Read more...]

Jared Dudley Talks Twitter

In what turned out to be a lot more than 140 characters, Suns forward Jared Dudley told Sports Illustrated’s Sam Amick all about his fascination with Twitter.

There are few currently on the Suns who rival Dudley’s proficiency on the social media outlet. It has become a vehicle for him to show fans everywhere a sneak peek into his personality. [Read more...]

Jared Dudley to Host Youth Camp

Ryan Read believes that Jared Dudley has a story to share with young basketball hopefuls.

And a chance for Valley basketball players of all ages to learn from the Suns guard as well as Read – who serves as Dudley’s full-time trainer and the owner of the specialized training company Thrive – will come up on September 22 at Scottsdale Community College.

The two friends from high school will be putting on a free basketball clinic, which will be broken up between two sessions that Saturday. If interested, people are encouraged to sign up at Thrivestrength.com.

The camp won’t just focus on basketball skills and fundamentals, but on the overall message that Dudley can convey to kids interested in the game of basketball.

“Jared has an amazing story to share with people who are interested not only in basketball but in athletic competition,” Read said. “Some people thought Jared wouldn’t make it; instead they just said he needed to be more athletic or more talented.

“But the guy just puts his nose down and works.”

Over the course of his career in the NBA, Dudley believes the work he has put in has paid off in more minutes on the court and more production while he plays. That was most evident a year ago when he averaged a career-best 12.7 points per game.

But he also wants his work ethic to show in the community as well.

“Ever since I’ve been here, we’ve always had a lot of people who were involved in the community,” Dudley said. “I’m trying to put my twist on it, and my twist is just to have a free basketball clinic.

“I wish I could’ve had that growing up as a kid.”

He has also promised to bring other Suns players into the fold for the one-day clinic. Dudley said that teammates like Goran Dragic, Kendall Marshall and Channing Frye will be there to sign autographs.

Family Drove Adams to Academic Pursuits

On June 25, Alvan Adams – the former Suns center and current Vice President of Facility Management – was in St. Louis with wife and two children to be inducted in the class of 2012 Capital One Academic All-America Hall of Fame.

He was happy to be surrounded by his family members for the ceremony since he credits them with being the inspiration he needed to pursue academic interests. [Read more...]

Summer League First Impression: Basketball and Forming Bonds

There’s something about the NBA Summer League that brings basketball back to its roots.

Once the team is away from the hotel and the strip in Las Vegas, the bright lights are gone and it’s just the game.
While certain players on the 2012 “Summer Suns” may not become stars in the association, they are guys that have been around basketball their whole lives. And they probably will continue to be around the game, in some fashion, for the foreseeable future.

The game forms bonds between these players. [Read more...]

Dudley Claims Bristol as ‘Second Home’

Suns swingman Jared Dudley is quickly becoming a veteran of ESPN’s Bristol, Connecticut campus.

On Monday, he visited the media company and made appearances for television and radio. As is commonplace for ESPN, when a guest visits he or she doesn’t go for just one show. [Read more...]

Steve Nash is all Business on and off the Court

Those who have underestimated Steve Nash on the court have learned a valuable lesson over the years, and, as Forbes points out, he shouldn’t be taken too lightly off the court and in the boardroom, either.

First, in an online story published on Wednesday and in what will be another version for the June 4 edition of the magazine, Kurt Badenhausen – the publication’s deputy editor in charge of sports business – breaks down Nash’s success in the business world. [Read more...]

Nash Adds Another One to the Mantel

Steve Nash knew he was going to the public’s focal point this season when it came to coverage of the Phoenix Suns during the 2011-12 season.

So game-in and game-out, the 16-year NBA veteran stood before the media to give his straight-forward, polite and informative take on the game as the leader of his team. [Read more...]