Trip to Spain a Memorable One for Suns Dancers

Traveling to Spain was awesome, and exhausting all at the same time. For some of the girls, Brittany B, Octavia, Anna, and Karlyn it was their first international flights so they were really excited. The first leg of our trip was a 3.5 hour flight into Atlanta. We had a really short layover and basically just walked off one plane and right onto another, minus losing Karlyn on the tram between terminals (the first of many times Karlyn got separated from the group). Brittany B. was my “plane buddy” on both flights and we played games and watched a lot of movies together on the video screens we had on each seatback. We all tried to sleep as much as possible on the 8 hour flight into Madrid because we wanted to hit the ground running when we landed at 9am Spain time. We wanted to make sure we did as much sightseeing as possible on our one “free” day. [Read more...]