Tucker Keeps Perspective

Tucker knew that going negative would never take him anywhere.
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A lot of professional athletes catch a bad rap for not appreciating where they came from and what they’re doing. Those athletes aren’t Alando Tucker. Despite all the excuses in the world to turn negative while growing up, Tucker refrained. Now after not having the option his contract picked up by the Suns and receiving very little playing time, the former Big Ten Player of the Year still remains positive that brighter days lie ahead in his latest blog. [Read more...]

The Scoop on 2009 Training Camp


Well the 2009 Training Camp is in the books and right now, I’m just glad we got through it. It was kind of how we expected coming in here with Alvin Gentry. Obviously, there was a lot of going up and down the court and a lot of working on our conditioning. Everybody went hard the entire time and it was just nice once we got through the two-a-days.

The rookies came along well. Earl Clark and Taylor Griffin are both doing great and you can see from the beginning of camp to the end of camp, they both made improvements. And that’s what it’s really about, making improvements. Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, you should approach training camp as an opportunity to improve and should focus on doing that each and every day. [Read more...]

Tucker On 2008-09 Season, Summer Plans

Alando Tucker scored 16 points for the Suns in his first career start.

First of all, I just want to say thank you out there to all the fans. You guys really stood by us through some tough times this season, and even in those final games where we knew we were out of the playoffs, you still came out and supported us and that means a lot to all the guys on this team. [Read more...]

Tucker: My Uncommon Habit

If we win the NBA Championship someday, I’ll pop the champagne, but I’m not drinking it.
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A lot of people are surprised when they get to know me and find out that I’ve never had a drink in my life.

My decision not to drink started when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My older brother, Antonio, and I decided to make a pact, where we’d never drink, never smoke and never put tattoos on our body.

Those were the three decisions that we made and we’ve stuck to them. [Read more...]

Looking to Stay Hot Up North

Alando Tucker returned to practice this week and hopes to return to regular season action soon. (David Dow/NBAE Photos)

Hey, Suns fans, the guys and I are in Portland and definitely looking to keep the ball rolling tonight when we play the Blazers. We’ve won two straight since trading for Jason Richardson and definitely want to keep that momentum going. [Read more...]

The Great Outdoors

Well after much anticipation, the outdoor game at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden between us and the Denver Nuggets is finally in the books. Not the results we were looking for (in case you didn’t catch it on TNT, we lost), but definitely an experience I’ll remember.

It was unique, different and heading in we had no idea what to expect. Got a little colder than we thought it would get out here. When we took the court this evening for shootaround, me and the guys were kind of hoping that as fans made their way into the building things would warm up a bit. That didn’t end up being the case, unfortunately. It was chilly out there at certain points and the wind definitely played a factor. Overall it was an exciting experience and definitely different than anything I’d ever been involved in. [Read more...]

A Camping Veteran

Media Day 2008 is in the books and Training Camp is officially underway.

This year’s Media Day on the practice court felt a lot different than last season’s as a rookie. I was more relaxed and more comfortable because I knew what to expect. I still came in with a lot of energy and because I’m so much more accustomed to speaking with the media, I was able to relax a little bit more. Best of all, I wasn’t the butt of all the vets’ jokes like I was last season. This year I was even able to joke around with some of the young guys myself.

Speaking of, this year’s crop of Suns rookies have been asking me a lot of questions. I understand where they’re coming from. It’s tough coming into this league not knowing what to anticipate. I remember last year at Media Day kind of feeling in awe of everything, a bit in shock that I was attending my first NBA function. So I’ve been giving as much advice to the guys as I can, both good and bad. I’ve probably scared them a little bit more than anything else though. [Read more...]

Tucker Back From Summer League, Ready to Roll

Well I’m fresh off of summer league and already the NBA season is just around the corner. I really can’t believe how fast the offseason has flown by.

The summer league in Las Vegas was a good experience, but as a team I think we could’ve played better. We knew heading in that we were going to have our work cut out for us in terms of finding chemistry. DJ Strawberry and I were the only ones on the team who had played together and when you try to form a ballclub with a bunch of guys that haven’t played with one another, it’s tough. [Read more...]

Summer in Phoenix Great for Tucker So Far

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DJ and I were at the US Airways Center again today, working on a few things with new assistant coach “Thunder” Dan Majerle. Dan will be our summer league coach in Vegas later this month and has been great to work with. He busts our chops a little bit, but he’s making sure we’re ready and we’ve all just been having a lot of fun on the court together.

I’ve talked to pretty much all the guys on the team, most of who are away doing things with their wives and kids. DJ and I are the youngest so we’ve just stayed here in Phoenix for the most part working on our games. Everybody’s excited though and looking forward to working with new head coach Terry Porter and his staff. I wish the best for Mike D’Antoni in New York, but believe change provides opportunity and that’s what I’m preparing myself for right now. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the fact that this coaching staff has set the bar very high for us and expect nothing but the best results. [Read more...]

Season Wrap-Up

The game has begun to slow down for me.
Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images

The 2007-08 campaign ended a lot sooner than we expected and following our loss in San Antonio on Tuesday were back in Phoenix on Wednesday to clean out our lockers. Talking to some of the guys following the elimination game, it seems we just have to do a better job of paying attention to every detail. Personnel wise and player wise we don’t feel San Antonio was necessarily better, but they’re so great at paying attention to every little thing and closing out games which makes them a championship team. They’ve done it four times in the past nine years by doing that and that’s what we have to learn. Every player has to be ready from start to finish and we can’t take any plays off, we have to stay consistent the entire game. I think we have points where we have a lot of energy, we make great runs, but we don’t sustain those runs. You watch San Antonio, they play consistent the whole game and that’s somewhere I think we can improve. [Read more...]