A Web Guy on the Wall

When I got the news that I would be traveling with the team to LA to cover the Western Conference Finals I knew it would be hard work and no fun. Ok I don’t think my boss is reading this. Here’s a few fun stories from behind-the-scenes in LA…

A Tale of Two Cities

I’m pretty sure LA is there somewhere.

There is no love lost between the Suns and Lakers, but what about between the cities they call home?  Let’s take a fun, light-hearted look at how Phoenix and Los Angeles match up for the Western Conference Finals.

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The Sweetest Thing

Chris Covatta/NBAE/Getty

All across the Valley, Phoenix Suns fans shared the same experience this morning. We woke up, rubbed our eyes and smiled. Yes, it’s true, the Phoenix Suns did vanquish the hated San Antonio Spurs to sweep into the Western Conference Finals. This was a storybook series. It was real world poetry with elements of foreshadowing, revenge, and at last… redemption.

Five Notes: Suns vs Pistons


The Suns put away the Pistons on Sunday night and here are five notes about the Suns 11th win of the season…

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Newsroom Notes: Suns @ Hornets


The Suns suffered their third loss of the season at the shorthanded hands of the Hornets on Thursday night and here are five notes from the game that you should know…

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Road Trip Recap

Steve Nash

To hijack the immortal words of The Outfield’s classic 80′s hit: “The Suns went on a vacation far away/Come around and talk it over.”  So we wanted to relive some of the best moments from the recent five-game road trip and spotlight our favorite photos, quotes and performances.

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Found in Translation


This is a short story about surgeons, Shanghai, and a guy named Sean. It is just one example of the kind of activity that goes on at the US Airways Center and the kind of people that are lucky enough to call it their workplace. [Read more...]

In Case You Missed It: All-Star '09


The Suns.com crew were insomniacs during the NBA All-Star Weekend as we covered nearly anything and everything going down around town. With so many photos, stories, and videos being cranked out, you may have missed some great stuff. So here’s a quick recap of some of our best links from All-Star ’09…

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A Silver Lining


It was muttered amongst the media. It was silently understood by some in the locker room. It is currently being shouted by fans on the Planet Orange message boards and outside the US Airways Center. “Typical.”

The Suns/Spurs dysfunctional relationship may have hung a loss on the Suns’ record, but there are a couple differences that point to a silver lining.

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Response Time

Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty

Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty

The Detroit Pistons rolled into town looking for their fourth-straight win but instead found a team with an answer for everything. Terry Porter’s Suns wouldn’t back down from a challenge came through their identity crisis with a new attitude. While they showed traces of the fast-paced, offensive-minded team of previous years, the Suns also brought a “no excuses” edge to both ends of the US Airways Center court.
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