Return to 7 Seconds or Less

(Kevork Djansezian/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Kevork Djansezian/NBAE/Getty Images)

The Suns are back to Seven Seconds or Less and after a 4-2 record since replacing Terry Porter with Alvin Gentry, it seems to be working because they lit up the scoreboard for 642 points and an average of 128 points per game prior to the Lakers loss Thursday night. Looks like this collection of players got accustomed to playing only one way, especially with Steve Nash running the show.

The thought of scoring 140 points in three games in a row after the change in coaches and philosophy had a lot of basketball enthusiasts shaking their heads in disbelief, but this is who the Suns are and they have welcomed the change with an exuberance that has Phoenix fans feeling hopeful about the playoffs despite losing Amare Stoudemire to an eye injury for eight weeks.

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Shots Didn't Fall But All-Star Weekend Still Memorable

I just finished one of the best experiences since I retired from the NBA eight years ago. I was able to compete in an All-Star event for the first time. I must admit that it was bitter-sweet and not because we did not win the contest and I did not deliver my fatal jumpshot on time.


Cappie Pondextor, Amare Stoudemire and Eddie Johnson prepare for their Haier Shooting Stars competition during All-Star Saturday Night. (NBAE Photos)

It was because I felt that there were at least four times in my career that I should have made it and did not.

So I approached this opportunity with my eyes wide open and it was a moving experience for me. The city of New Orleans put on a great weekend. It was nice arriving in town as a participant because I was spoiled with transportation and conveniences that made my ability to enjoy the weekend a lot easier.

My wife Joy and I arrived on Thursday night and when we got off the plane there were a few limousine drivers waiting, but none for me. She cracked on me and said you are old and forgotten go find a cab, but to my delight when I reached baggage claim there was a driver with a sign held high for yours truly. I told Joy I guess you will be the only one catching a cab. [Read more...]

Why Phoenix Made the Deal for Shaq

Eddie Johnson lists the top 5 reasons the Suns made the Shaquille O’Neal trade. 

(NBAE Photos)

Then when the Lakers acquired Pau Gasol, my mind started to wonder and mainly because there are two teams that the Suns view as huge hurdles to the finals: the Lakers and the Spurs.

I again started to worry because it meant more Shawn Marion trade rumors and one more round of those rumors could really destroy any progress the Suns made since the Garnett discussions last summer with regards to the Matrix.

Well, here we are again and this time it’s a done deal.

Let’s get one thing straight before I talk about the value of this trade and give my five reasons why the Suns had to make a deal for Shaq and my five reasons why it could work… Shawn Marion is one the best people and players I have ever had the pleasure of watching and the Miami Heat will find out what working hard for 48 minutes is all about when the Matrix arrives in South Beach. [Read more...]