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(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Barry Gossage/NBAE/Getty Images)

Whew! I’m so glad Sunday finally came. It seemed like forever, just waiting for a chance to hit the hardwood. I have really been anticipating the start of this season. We have a lot to prove; to our loyal fans, to the league and to ourselves. We’ve been playing very well first three games and we’re building camaraderie on this team.

I have a lot to prove. To myself and the staff that brought me here. Many have said that I’ve been a solid player that you can count on for 20+ points/game, but haven’t really done anything special since 2002. Well, that may be true to an extent, but this year will be different. I’ve made a personal vow to myself that this year I was going to put everything I have on the court. [Read more...]

A Fresh Perspective


Hey what’s going on out there in Bloggersville, USA? I know it’s been some time since my last post but I’ve had a pretty eventful summer. On May 7, I lost my grandmother, so I needed personal time with the family to work through the loss. She was 85 years old and meant the world to me. It took my entire family by surprise because she was very healthy and getting around like a woman half her age. She was the matriarch of our family and was one of the most influential people in my life. Everyone who’s ever met her, fell in love with her. She was very grandmother-like but was real “hip” on the times. Much Love to everyone for your prayers and acts of kindness. I really appreciated them. Especially those from my Suns and Bay area Families. You guys are the best! Love ya Gran. Miss ya. [Read more...]

The Playoff Blues…


It took me a minute to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. Usually it’s pretty easy to get going with my blog posts, because something exciting is happening. But today isn’t the case. I am straight bummed right now. I can’t believe that we didn’t make the playoffs!!!

No one could have ever told me that we would be on summer break heading out for Spa Treatments this early. lol I’m shocked. We have too much talent not to have made it to the playoffs. It’s just ridiculous. Apologies to everyone on planet orange.

I just wanted to send out a quick note to let you guys know that I appreciate everything you do. You’ve been great this season, especially the way everyone made me feel at home.

Well, I’m heading back to Charlotte to be with my kids and relax a bit before I start my workouts for summer. I’ve got some pretty cool events coming up this summer. You can find out what I’m doing “play-by-play” if you follow me on I try to let everyone know what’s going on with me. Keep an ear out.

I’ll talk with you guys next Monday. Hopefully, I’ll be back to my ole’ self.

Until then; It’s just a cloudy day on Planet Orange. :(

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Back from Battle

Hey what’s happening good people? Glad to see the responses from you guys. I’m just getting off a tiring road trip. We went 3-3. We should’ve won all of those games, but the chemistry just wasn’t flowing. We made plenty of mistakes, but we’re learning each other better. So don’t give up on us. Remember who we are, Phoenix. We always rise from the ashes. Teams go through tough times, but the darkest hour is just before dawn. We’ll bounce back to the team you love to watch. Look out for us in these next few games. I’m just happy to get a good night’s rest right now. Being on the road for nearly two weeks takes a toll on you. But I can’t wait to face off with the Warriors. It’s going to be exciting being back in the Bay Area. They get “hyphy” lol. [Read more...]

J-Rich Joins Blogging Team

What’s going on world please tell me you all watched that Steelers game! Unfortunately I was on a plane but it’s all good, we got Saginaw in the Super bowl. I am extremely excited and happy for Lamar and the Woodley family. I don’t want to say too much they are playing against Arizona and I do live here LOL. Arizona also deserves a Congratulation on their division title. I know what its like to turn around a losing organization, so I think that it’s going to be a good game. We’re going to have to talk about the scheduling next year, it seems like were playing during every game. Last year was cool we played the Suns the same weekend as the Super bowl. Man!! That was one of the most hype crowds that I’ve ever seen. If I ever got another chance to I would definitely do it again. Hopefully Wood and I both will be bringing home rings. [Read more...]

Richardson Blog: January 12, 2009

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening!! So who are you taken to win the Super bowl?? I try not to be but I am a little bias watching Saginaw Native Lamarr Woodley play for the Steelers. Their first game is today so I wish #56 all the best. I love football I played one year until I hurt my leg. My Uncle made me hang up my cleats right after that. I guess he made the right decision LOL!! I’m a fan of all sports. You might catch me watching anything from high school sports, college, to world championship poker. My brothers and I play fantasy football but with my schedule I sometimes forget to do my line up.


I don’t really feel like discussing it, but we’ve been taking so many heartbreaking losses. It was like we were fighting up hill all game against Indiana. I’d rather loose by twenty than to loose at the buzzer. We won against the Clippers last night, even though their record doesn’t say it; they’re still a dangerous team. Even with the injuries they had some good players.


My mom came to visit thank God!! Ramen noodles can only get you so far! When she’s here it’s like Thanksgiving in January. Not to mention I have a birthday in eight days so she’ll probably get my gift before she leaves (Hint Hint). My twin brother and sister’s birthdays are two days after mine, we usually celebrate them together. I’m going to miss not being with them that weekend.


See you next Monday enjoy the Suns Show!!


J-Rich 23

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Richardson Blog: January 5, 2009

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening!! Welcome to the world of back to back basketball, against the Thunder I felt good. Then we flew to Memphis and soon as the whistle blew I couldn’t get a golf ball to go into the hoop. I was deeply disappointed in my play but in this business bad games happen. Once I got back home my day consisted of returning gifts that my kids made defective. Their just like me and my brothers, cause my mother would be returning gifts by the 27th because we would want them to do more than what was on the commercial. I really appreciate all the love that I am getting on the site, and I can’t wait to see who wins the Golden ball game. The guy on the song is my little cousin and that song is hot he has some more joints coming soon so look out!! Someone asked do I have a record label? No I don’t, but I love music! I’m more of an Old School fan as well as a fan of the Lil Wayne’s, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Nerd, the Bay and other underground artist.


These games were a learning experience because it taught us how to play without Steve and Stat. We had to lean on our bench Jared played big on both ends, Barbosa was on fire and Matt was being his energetic self bringing instant points. Give us a little more time to gel and great things will come. Just in case you missed it M.S.U. 77 Northwestern 66 Go Green Go White!! See you next Monday and stay tune to the Suns Show!


J-Rich 23

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Richardson Blog: December 29, 2008

Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening! depending on what time zone your reading this from. This is the first of many blogs, in my blogs I will try to give you a more in depth look at me J-Rich as a person, father, NBA player and all around guy. I will personally review every comment that is posted, although I cannot respond to all I will do my best. First of all I would like to say Happy Holidays and to thank all of my fans who have followed me West-East-West. I know the journey was long but look where the road has taken us. I’m playing with future hall of fame players and even reunited with a former teammate which will only take my game higher. I still love all of my fans from Oakland and Charlotte and I also appreciate the love that you show when I come to your city. I’ll be blogging every Monday as long as my schedule allows me to. I have to make this short because I am getting ready to take a nap and prepare for our game against the Thunder, so I hope that you are tuned in and enjoy the Suns show .

J-Rich 23

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