Getting Home Court Back

The team will leave for San Antonio tomorrow, Friday, knowing that it is vitally important to regain home court advantage.

(Barry Gossage/NBAE Photos)

We have played hard all year for the second-best record in the league and now with Dallas’ early departure we hold home court throughout the playoffs. We now have to make the most of it.

Having dropped Game 1 at home it was great to see the way the guys bounced back and played with their backs against the wall in Game 2.

The team was able to make several adjustments between the games and so far it looks to have worked. I have a feeling that this series will be like a chess match with each team making adjustments as the series goes forth.

Both teams have contrasting styles and I believe that a big key to victory will be which team is able to impose its will on the other and force them to play the other’s style. For the Suns it will be to force the Spurs into a fast-paced game.

This is an amazing time of the year; I cannot imagine being home right
now only watching the playoffs on ABC. The atmosphere not only in the
locker room, but out on the court, is amazing with all the guys knowing
that this is a chance that may never come around for us again. And for
the fans, that by the looks and especially the sounds of things, want a championship brought to Phoenix in 202007.

Look forward to returning to Phoenix for Game 5 in front of our fans
and defending home court. See and hear you guys then.


On the Road Again

It seems as though there is nothing sweeter than road wins. To be able to go into someone else’s house and with their fans against you and walk out of there with a win is a great feeling.


Amaré Stoudemire and the Suns face the Spurs in San Antonio on Thursday night (7:30 p.m., TNT).
(NBAE Photos)

One could focus on the negative aspects of life on the road – hotel rooms, room service etc, which believe me all get very old after a while. However, being on the road enables the team to go out to dinner together and really (for lack of a better word) “hang out” as one big group.


There are very few distractions on the road a part from the occasional fan or college buddy that now lives in whatever city we are visiting. This current road trip for the Suns will be a great one for us not just solely due to what happens in the win-loss column, but for the simple fact that this trip is the last long one of the season and it will give the group a chance to really fine tunes things prior to our playoff run.


Having said that, after a long trip I am sure all the guys would agree that there is nothing better than coming home to your family, your own bed and home cooking.


So far so good. The team started our trip with a nice win against a Memphis team that has no postseason hopes. These teams, however, can be very dangerous towards the end of the year. From my experience it seems as though teams that are simply counting down their days before summer vacation would enjoy nothing more than to knock off a potential NBA champ or to dash a teams chances of clinching a higher seed.


With nothing left to play for the roll of the “spoiler” becomes very much apart of the non-playoff team. Not to mention the fact that those teams usually resort to playing their young guys whom throughout the regular season did not get much run. These guys are hungry to prove they belong in the NBA and are looking to secure a job for the following year.


The Suns have a great test ahead of them in the San Antonio Spurs. This game could well be a preview for a match up down the road in the playoffs. With the Spurs having won three championships in the last eight years they have something the Suns want badly.


The Spurs may have the experience needed during the playoffs and the Suns having just fallen short of their goal the last couple of years. This will be a great battle and should prove whether there is a changing of the guard at the top of the Western Conference.


Look forward to seeing everyone again after a successful trip.