Hey what’s happening good people? Glad to see the responses from you guys. I’m just getting off a tiring road trip. We went 3-3. We should’ve won all of those games, but the chemistry just wasn’t flowing. We made plenty of mistakes, but we’re learning each other better. So don’t give up on us. Remember who we are, Phoenix. We always rise from the ashes. Teams go through tough times, but the darkest hour is just before dawn. We’ll bounce back to the team you love to watch. Look out for us in these next few games. I’m just happy to get a good night’s rest right now. Being on the road for nearly two weeks takes a toll on you. But I can’t wait to face off with the Warriors. It’s going to be exciting being back in the Bay Area. They get “hyphy” lol.

On The real…With all the excitement surrounding All-Star Weekend, I started thinking about all of the great people I’ve met throughout the years. Many of whom are doing major things, but usually go unrecognized. So let’s pay tribute to them over the next couple of weeks. “Do you know any All-Stars?” If so, tell me what makes you or someone you know an All Star! I’d love to feature them in my online magazine, “Xtreme Elevation”. I love to hear about my fans! So get to writing! lol.

On Thursday we have a tough game against San Antonio, then we get a chance to get some retribution against the Bulls. We owe ‘em one. Let’s go planet orange!! Ha ha. I see that someone asked about my birthday. It was pretty cool, Stoudemire and the rest of the guys hosted something for me while we were in NYC. But there’s nothing better than spending that time with the “fam”. Aunt Geri, you owe me one of your famous homemade chocolate cakes.

Until next time…

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