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It was good to see all the repaired parts back in place, and even better to note the engine seems to be running at pretty much the same 12-4 speed it was before the carburetor and one of the pistons broke down.

This wasn’t necessarily a GREAT win, but it was an absolutely not only a MUST win, but a MUST pump-some-mojo-back-in-the-tank-for-the-closing-weeks-of-the-playoffs win.

Before Steve Nash and Channing Fry went down the Suns were mounting the aforementioned 12-4 drive that had them eyeing as high as a sixth seed. And while the four-game losing streak after the two key parts of the offense had to be sidelined for repairs, the number 11 Suns are still only one loss (okay, two counting tie breakers) behind number 8 Memphis, even with number 9 Utah, and actually one game ahead of number 10 Houston.

Granted, beating the Warriors in Phoenix is not exactly like beating a leopard in a tree, what with the Suns now having won 12 straight against them here. And yes there was a bit of slippage in the fourth period. And yes, the Warriors helped grease their own skids with 15 first half turnovers.

But all of the above to the contrary notwithstanding, the really vital signs were very encouraging. Nash seemed to be moving well, and even more significantly have his shot back. And while Fry wasn’t quite as hot as he was before his injury, he still delivered a double-digit dose of points, and even more importantly, his very presence helped open up some room for the offense to function more freely.

The road to the postseason is still a rocky one, and includes a particularly bumpy five-game stretch that runs through San Antonio, Chicago, New Orleans, and Dallas, with one rest stop (Minneapolis).

But the Suns are still very much on it, and it doesn’t hurt that the pace for this particular four-team race is hardly calculated to set any new speed records. And yes, the prize, likely a first –round engagement with San Antonio, is not all that desirable.

But I’m just sayin….

The bottom line: Before the injuries the view here was the Suns were a lock for the playoffs, and had the kind of firepower that could cause problems for any top shelf team. The “lock” is out, but the part about giving anybody trouble if they do make it still goes.

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