Matt Barnes poses for a picture at Celebrity Waiters 2008.

I’m just about ready to board the team bus for a quick two-game swing but wanted to make sure I checked in as I know it’s been a while. Things have been a bit hectic for me lately, but it seems I’m getting back on track and minus a couple minor injuries, things are going well.

I haven’t written since the incident with the Houston Rockets and the suspension that followed so I definitely wanted to start off by saying, you obviously hate being suspended, but I really wouldn’t change anything I did looking back on it. We have each other’s backs on this team and I was just looking to help defend one of my teammates. It started with some pushing and things escalated, but you have to let your teammates know you’re there for each other and that’s what happened. I thought the league over-reacted but know they did what they felt was best. I’ve appealed the fine and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

I really hated missing the two games, of course, especially considering one was back at home in Sacramento. I had planned on getting about 30 tickets for friends and family, but instead had everybody come over to my place and we watched the overtime win. I also had a little bit more time to hang out with my newborn twins who are doing well. They should be here on Wednesday getting settled in while I’m on the road planning to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. I’m really looking forward to having them around for good.

For anybody who hasn’t heard, Leandro Barbosa is back with the team and we’re glad to see him here. LB has been in Brazil attending to his family after the recent loss of his mother. As somebody who lost his mother to cancer just over a year ago myself, I know what a difficult time this is for him and we’ve made it a point to stay in touch. I’ve just told him to open up and talk about it whenever he wants and to make sure he doesn’t make the mistake I did last season of keeping things bottled up. He knows I’m there for himWe spoke maybe three or four times while he was back home and I’m glad we’ve been able to form a good friendship.

Last night, he and I were among the Suns players, coaches and alumni to attend the Celebrity Waiters event out at Majerle’s in Chandler. It’s an event the organization has every year to raise money for their Nite Hoops program and I had a good time out there for a good cause. I bartended a little bit with Boris Diaw and think we did pretty well.

The bus is just about to depart now as we’ll be headed to Oklahoma City and then Minnesota for a back-to-back just before Thanksgiving. These are two games we’re looking to grab and we want nothing less than a two-game sweep. We feel if we can get things rolling on the road then it’ll make it easier to come back home and protect our court against Miami and New Jersey. I’ll check back in soon guys and thanks always for the support. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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