As a Phoenix Suns fan who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s there is one shot that has always stood out in my mind as the craziest shot ever made in Suns history. (Mind you, I didn’t say the best. That will be a title always held by the Shot Heard Round the World from the 1976 Finals.)

This shot came 20 years ago, April 22, in Portland. In a bizarre turn of events, with the Suns down one, Charles Barkley caught a ball at his ankles with .5 seconds on the clock and flipped it in for the Suns win. I had a chance to catch up with Charles Barkley recently and he broke down the play. Check it out in the video above.

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  • Michael Pullen

    I think something is wrong with the video link, all I get are ads, over and over and over again.

  • Stephen Schaller

    i remember watching this game …..

  • Bobby Patricca

    It would be awesome if someone could upload the “local” version of the end of this game with Al McCoy’s commentary. Still remember this like it was yesterday.

  • Kirk Erickson

    Another quirky part about this play is that KJ injured his knee celebrating with Barkley.

    “After nailing a game-winning shot to beat the Blazers 115-114
    in the third to last game of the regular season, Barkley jumped on
    teammate Kevin Johnson to celebrate. Problem is Barkley outweighed KJ
    by about 70 pounds and wound up injuring Johnson’s knee. KJ missed the
    final two games of the regular season and the playoff opener against the
    Lakers (a game they lost).”

  • J Huey

    We miss people like Barkley who always made the games exciting.