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On Tuesday, October 21, Fox Sports Arizona will have Charles Barkley on the show “In My Own Words” at 7:30 p.m.

The show is part of what the channel is calling a “Sunstastic Tuesday,” which will also include previous episodes of “In My Own Words” from Steve Nash and Steve Kerr as well as a Tip-Off Special and a Suns Ring of Honor spotlight.

Excerpts from the show include:

On coming to play for the Phoenix Suns:
When I got to Phoenix, I got Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Mark West, Oliver Miller and those guys and I told them ‘we are going to get to the finals because I am the best player in the conference and the only guy I think is better than me in basketball is Michael Jordan.’ 

On his “I am not a role model” Nike commercial:
The role model thing is probably the greatest thing I have done in my career because it started a nationwide debate. 

On why he started playing basketball:
“It kept me out of trouble. I wasn’t any good. I wasn’t even good enough to play actually. I played on a recreational league where you have to pay to play.  

The full schedule for the “Sunstastic Tuesday” is as follows:

7:00 pm – Suns Tip-Off Special
7:30 pm – In My Own Words – Charles Barkley
8:00 pm – In My Own Words – Steve Nash
8:30 pm – In My Own Words – Steve Kerr
9:00 pm – Spotlight: Phoenix Suns Ring of Honor
9:30 pm – Suns Tip-Off Special
10:00 pm – In My Own Words – Charles Barkley

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