Training camp is here and I can’t wait to get things started. There is a lot of anxiety and tension as we figure out what this team has to offer, but everyone is ready to implement the new system and see what we’ve got.

The first day of camp was a lot of pictures, a lot of talking to reporters and getting everyone’s opinion on how the season is going to go. I was asked a lot of questions about how excited I am to be here and how I think I’ll fit into the system. As I’ve told everyone, I think it will be pretty easy to go from Golden State to Phoenix. They were the two highest scoring teams last season, so hopefully it will be a smooth transition.

The voluntary workouts we’ve had in the offseason have been encouraging. Everyone has been in town for the past two or three weeks, which has been very helpful. I’m getting used to how other guys play, what they like to do when they play, what they don’t like to do, etc. Steve Nash has eyes in the back of his head. I’m amazed at how quick and fast Leandro Barbosa is. And it goes without saying how great it is to play with Amare and Shaq.

It’s nice playing with the guys on the team instead of against them. Now I don’t have to chase them around the court! But seriously, it has been a lot of fun because there are so many weapons on this team. Any of the starters could give you 30 points or more a night. That’s an exciting feeling as a teammate.

Now that camp is about to begin, we’re all a little nervous about what is in store for us. Everyone is talking about how hard camp will be this year going from Coach D’Antoni to Coach Porter. I don’t know Coach D’Antoni but I’ve heard his training camps were pretty similar to Don Nelson’s. Camp in Golden State was usually pretty laid back, but I know Coach Porter will do whatever needs to be done to get our team to win.

There has been some questions in the media about whether I will come off the bench or start during the regular season. But it doesn’t matter to me whether I start or Grant starts. Both of us will give our best effort and do our best to help the team win.

It’s pretty early to say how well our team will play this season. Over the past four or five years, there has been a lot of talk about how Phoenix can win a championship. I haven’t heard that talk since I’ve gotten here, but I think that’s a good thing. Everyone is kind of sleeping on our team and that means we’ll be able to come out and shock a lot of people.

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