We have only been home from Spain for one week, and I am already having withdrawals from the amazing food!

When we first arrived in Barcelona, I think all of us were a little nervous to try anything we were unfamiliar with. We took a break from our first day of shopping to eat at a little Mexican restaurant.

Chicken tacos and cheese quesadillas seemed like a pretty safe choice, and we were right! For dinner, we asked the hotel concierge for a recommendation.

They directed us to a beautiful restaurant right on the water. The menu was made up primarily of steak and seafood.

Monique, Shannon, and myself decided to be a little gutsy and try out the seafood. We each ordered the salmon and found it to be delicious!

Being that Barcelona is right off the ocean, the seafood there is very fresh. So fresh, in fact, that right in the center of the restaurant, there was a tank that held live lobsters.

While most of the girls were a little freaked out, I was extremely excited when one of the waiters offered to let us hold one!

We continued with safe eating options on day two of exploring beautiful Spain. We stopped at a sandwich deli for lunch and ate at Ginos, a little Italian restaurant for dinner, where we knew pizza would satisfy us all.

We played it so safe that we even found a Burger King to eat at the following day!

It wasn’t until our last night in Spain that we REALLY got to experience Spanish cuisine. I noticed one dish repeatedly throughout our trip.

Restaurants seemed to pride themselves on it and souvenir shops sold recipes for it. This dish is called “paella.”

It’s made up of seafood and rice and is seen as the national Spanish dish. I wasn’t going to leave Spain without trying it!

It was around midnight before we finally sat down to eat after a day full of sight seeing. Monique and I decided we were going to try the meal together, so we put in an order to share.

When the waiters brought out our plates, we were a little intimidated by the whole crawfish resting atop a bed of rice. We dug our forks in, looked at each other, and nervously took a bite.

Mmmmm! It was absolutely amazing! We found a variety of seafood, including shrimp and scallops mixed into the flavorful rice.

I couldn’t have have asked for a better meal. Its only competition was the dessert that followed!

Written by Jenna on June 20

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    Jenna, your friends and you have to explore more deeply the extense Spanish food (Mediterranean diet): tortilla de patatas (potatoes omelette), cordero, cocido madrileño, fabes asturianas, pisto, gazpacho, caldereta, pulpo a feira, migas, … you will not regret.
    You will find an extensive and complete diet that will delight your palate.
    Thanks for your visit and your spectacular choreography. We are waiting four your team on next year!
    Best regards from Spain

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    It wasn’t until our last night in Spain that we REALLY got to experience Spanish cuisine. I noticed one dish repeatedly throughout our trip.