It was an anxious month anticipating our trip to Barcelona, Spain. We could hardly wait to visit one of the most historical cities in the world.

The time had finally come that we would finally be on our way to experience this place with our own eyes. This gorgeous Mediterranean city that blends scores of centuries with the romantic amenities of a modern city.

Kip, Rachel, Monique, Brittni, Shannon, Jenna and I met bright and early on Thursday, June 9th at Sky Harbor International Airport. That was quite a trick for me. It’s usually high-noon before I even think of getting out of bed.

But I would not have missed this for the world. I was full of energy, excitement and anticipation. Hey, we’re ready to do this thing already. Let’s go!

Oh my. We were limited to 50 pounds of luggage. Is that insane? Girls going to Barcelona?

A trip of a lifetime and we had to do this with only 50 pounds of stuff? Well, there’s always the smart one that is prepared. That was Shannon of course. She weighed her luggage at home.

Well-planned, she was just under the limit. Brittni and Rachel weren’t as lucky. Frantically we started sharing the overage. We made it! Good thing there was six of us to distribute our excess weight allowance so we all got in under the wire.

Finally, All checked-in. Nice and legal. We’re on our way to the first stop in Philadelphia and luckily we all got to sit together. We killed time playing games and just plain being silly. Monique kicked our butts playing “Sorry” and “Apples-to-Apples.”

We ventured to sillier stuff like quoting scenes from the movie Bridesmaids. “I got the first watch” or “There is something they’re not telling us, someone is on the wing!”

I really hope we weren’t being those loud girls you despise on a plane ride. But who wouldn’t be as excited as we were, we were on our way to Spain!

We arrived at the Philadelphia Airport. We had enough time for a quick bite toat before we had to reload.

The first leg of the journey was over. Now we had a 9-hour flight over the big pond, called the Atlantic Ocean. Okay, let’s get moving.

Our luck ran out. Some of us got separated in the cabin. How can we be silly like this? I thought I was the lucky one when I got that window seat. Not lucky.

That window seat had no window. Kind of spooky flying over a gazillion miles ofocean without being able to see anything.

Especially flying in a rain storm that seemed like golf-ball sized hail was going to crash through any moment. I have to admit though, it was a pretty cool experience.

I fell asleep watching movies. I guess I needed that because I wasn’t planning on resting in Barcelona.

The attendants woke us up. We had the 30-minute notice before landing. Pretty up ladies. We’re almost there.

I had looked so forward to seeing the beautiful sights of Barcelona from the air. How can you get a
window seat without a window? How could they call that a “window seat?

Boom! We’re there. Let me out of this bird. I got things to do. Things to see. Things to experience. Things to tell my grand kids.

We made it. We’re in Barcelona. The place of historical royalty and romance.

Can it get better than this? We are so blessed to have gotten this opportunity.

Thank you NBA. Thank you Phoenix Suns. Thank you ladies and Kip.

You are my second family and I will cherish this forever. I can’t wait to share this experience with my other friends and family back home.

Someday I will tell my kids about this.

Written by Brittney on June 22, 2011

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