I woke up on Monday June 13th at 745 am Barcelona time after only 2 hours of sleep and just 30 minutes to be downstairs to leave the hotel to the airport.

It was a bittersweet moment waking up that day because I knew that we would not have the opportunity to explore the city more, and I’d be sitting on a plane for 13 hours! Thankfully, I packed the night before and had everything ready to go.

I woke up my roomie Rachel and we headed down to leave for the airport, but not before we had our last complimentary breakfast from the hotel, thank heavens for those eggs and cereal! We arrived at the Barcelona Airport in just enough time to check in and make our 1045 am flight.

I was assuming security would be a hassle, but we got through quickly. The only issue we had was our bags being too heavy, because we enjoyed the shopping so much!

Everyone ended up sitting pretty close to each other, I was seated towards the front of the plane, so I knew it would be a long 8.5 hour flight watching movies and trying to sleep! The flight was smooth, no crazy turbulence, which normally freaks me out when I fly.

I was so glad I had an airplane pillow to keep my neck comfy; I don’t know how people get through that long of a flight without one, unless they’re first class! After I had settled into my seat our fearless leader Kip ended up coming and sitting next to me on the plane.

He had an unpleasant experience with the passenger next to him, who became ill, in his other seat, so he moved up to the closest seat that was available. It was nice to have some company on that long flight!

I could not sleep, its way too hard to do that sitting up so I spent my time watching movies and playing trivia games with Kip. We ended up making it to the Philadelphia International Airport in one piece! We all headed through customs and only Jenna was asked to be checked for her baggage.

Brittney, who has a tendency to lose things unexpectedly lol, had to run back to get another boarding pass that she lost. Fortunately, we had plenty of time to relax and rejuvenate before our final 4.5 hour flight home to Phoenix.

You could tell at this point that the Sweet 6 of us and Kip were tired and anxious to get home. We completed our final video blog near our gate at the airport, reporting back home of our awesome time in Spain and how excited we were to return to our hometown of Phoenix, AZ!

We all took turns getting some snacks at the different food areas in the airport. Jenna and I were immediately drawn to the little healthy snack shop across from our gate so we picked up some yummy tuna wrap bites and waters.

We weren’t done there; we decided to check out the candy store next to it and loaded up on some yummy goodies for the last plane ride home. As guilty as I felt, I knew it would be a good last splurge to end the vacation on a sweet note.

The final plane ride was quite bumpy; the turbulence was really bad for about thirty minutes at one point. Thankfully, I was sleeping through it; I think I felt it but was almost dreaming at the same time!

Monique on the other hand was gripping her arm rests because she does not like flying with turbulence at all! I would have to agree it totally freaks me out!

After the turbulence had settled, we landed safely at Sky Harbor Airport, anxious to get off the plane and go wash up! We all felt icky after being in a plane for 13 hours and really needed to shower, eat, and sleep.

As I looked out the window as we landed in Phoenix it was a bittersweet feeling to be home. Barcelona, Spain was beautiful, and I had the best time of my life with part of my second family.

Before we all said our goodbyes in baggage claim to our wonderful weekend, we took one last group photo to end the trip. It was a blessful trip that I will always remember!

Written by Shannon on June 13, 2011

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