The passing of Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss was felt not just in Los Angeles but around the entire NBA Monday. From players to rival executives, words of condolence and praise for one of the most successful owners in league history poured in from across various media platforms.

One member of the Suns that was directly affected by Buss and his leadership was guard Shannon Brown, who played two and a half seasons in a Lakers uniform.

“It’s so sad to hear it,” Brown said. “My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.”

The Suns’ shooting-guard had nothing but praise for an owner that helped not only rejuvenate his NBA career, but who was also the reason he has two NBA Championship rings.

“It was a good relationship,” he said with a smile. “He was always interacting with players. He even came to my wedding. That was huge. It showed he cared about me as an individual.”

It wasn’t just Brown that Buss was there for, of course. He was always willing to listen to what was going on with the guys in his locker room.

“He always had a friendly feel,” Brown remembered. “For some, maybe he was a father figure. When he was around or if ever you needed to reach out to him, he’d talk to you about whatever. It was always positive.”

It’s proof that sometimes success on the court starts with success off it. In his passing, memories from players like Brown and others around the league show that Buss took that to heart.

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