For those fans who were worried the Suns wouldn’t fare well on the road trip, the 115-83 drubbing of the Charlotte Bobcats at least showed that the Suns are able to pick on the teams in the East like they did last season. And the numbers bear that observation out.

The Suns improved their defense against the Bobcats. 

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The Suns are 3-0 when:

  • The team scores over 100 points
  • They hold their opponent to under 100 points
  • They shoot over 45%
  • Holding their opponent to under 45%
  • Getting more than 40 rebounds
  • Marion has 11 or more rebounds
  • Bell plays more than 32 minutes
  • Nash has 7 or more assists
  • Barbosa has 2 or more rebounds

The Suns are 2-0 when:

  • The team plays on the road

So from the list we had after Sunday’s game, we lost a few. Skinner only scored 3 points in Tuesday’s game but the Suns still won. Steve Nash only had 7 assists and the team won. And Grant Hill only played 24 minutes. But we added a few to the list as well. The Suns haven’t lost on the road in this young season.

Individual Statistics:

  • Steve Nash has played under 30 minutes twice in the four games he has played
  • Shawn Marion is shooting 42% from the three-point line this season. He has averaged 34% over his career
  • Nash is averaging 19.3 points per game this season. The highest PPG he has averaged in a season is 18.8 in the 05-06 season.

Team Statistics:

  • The starters only scored 68 points in the game. Most of the reason for this is because they played a lot less minutes than they have in the past three games.
  • Phoenix has not beaten a team in the rebounding department yet this year.
  • Phoenix held the Bobcats to the lowest shooting percentages of any of their opponents this season
  • At this point last year, the Suns were 1-3. This season the team is 3-1.

As always, if you have any questions about the numbers above or any suggestions for new numbers I should track, feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail me at� Until tomorrow…GO SUNS!

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