Wow, what a night. Unfortunately, the box score for tonight won’t show that the team honored Jerry Colangelo. It was a great night with many former players showing up to participate in the festivities. Before I get to the numbers, I wanted to comment a bit on the ceremony.

Shawn Marion has been the most consistent player on the Suns in this young season. 

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It was great to be standing in the Suns suite watching former players walk in. They all seemed really happy to be there to honor Mr. Colangelo. Seeing Charles Barkley, Paul Westphal, Kevin Johnson, Tom Chambers, Dan Majerle, and all the rest of the players on one court was pretty cool.� If you have a chance, you should take a look at the video that should be up on the site soon.� Now on to the numbers.

The Phoenix Suns are 2-0 when:


  • Scoring over 100 points
  • Holding their opponent to under 100 points
  • Shooting 45% or better
  • Holding their opponents to under 45% shooting
  • Getting more than 40 total rebounds
  • Hill plays more than 30 minutes
  • Marion has 11 or more rebounds
  • Bell plays more than 32 minutes
  • Nash has 10 or more assists
  • Barbosa has 2 or more rebounds
  • Skinner scores 4 or more points

One thing I wanted to point out about these numbers. Obviously not all of the bullets above are causes of the win. Do I really think Leandro Barbosa having 2 rebounds is going to cause a win? No, not really. But I’m just pointing out some trends that I’m seeing over the two wins. I’m sure we’ll be removing some of the bullets throughout the next 4-5 games and adding others. It should be interesting to see what develops.

Individual Statistics:


  • Steve Nash is leading the team in both points per game (22) and assists per game (8).
  • Shawn Marion has been the most consistent player on the team. He’s ranged between 14-23 points per game, between 10-12 rebounds, between 0-1 assists, 34 to 46 minutes and between 1-2 fouls per game.

Team Statistics:


  • The team has not shot over 50% in a game yet this season.
  • The Suns caused 5 more turnovers against the Cavaliers on Sunday than they averaged against Cleveland last season

Finally, several of you have suggested some numbers you want me to run and I appreciate that! Over the next few days and weeks I will be trying to run those numbers for you and report what I find on the blog. I imagine there are others of you who have questions but who don’t want to post publicly. In that case, feel free to e-mail me at The e-mail will come directly to me. Even if it’s not numbers related but you just have questions or comments about the blog, feel free to e-mail me as well.

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