Be honest. How many of you who watched the game on Monday changed the channel at halftime thinking
the Suns had no chance to win?

I know I did. Of course, I can’t stay away long even if the Suns are losing so I changed the channel back when halftime was over and watched the Suns wage a miraculous comeback against the Denver Nuggets. And the most fun part about the game last night? We get to do it again tonight!

Yesterday, I wrote about a few of the trends I’ve seen in the numbers. Well, the Suns obviously didn’t keep the Nuggets to under 100 points. Denver scored 70 in the first half! But Phoenix did grab 50 rebounds – well over the threshold of 40 we discussed yesterday. That is 60.2% of the total rebounds in the game. The only game where the Suns have had a higher percentage of the total rebounds is against Boston on February 22 when they got 61 percent.

Turnovers were also kept to a minimum (11 as a team) and points off those turnovers were also held fairly low (17 total points). Seventeen may not seem too low but considering that in the two losses on the road trip the team allowed 25 points off of turnovers, 17 is an improvement.

With the second of a back-to-back game this evening, tonight’s game should be an interesting one. Phoenix is 8-7 on the back end of back-to-back games this season and they have allowed an average of107 points in those games while also scoring an average of 107 points per game. The Suns are 23-14 on the road while the Nuggets are 30-7 at home. Denver is currently the odd man out in regards to the playoffs so they will be working hard to win tonight’s game.

Let me know your thoughts on what will happen with the game tonight and check back here tomorrow for a review of the game’s numbers.

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