For the second night in a row, Phoenix and Denver played an exciting game that featured lots of scoring. The Suns averaged 126 in the two games; the Nuggets weren’t too far behind with 121.5. Other interesting tidbits about the two games:

  • The team that had the lowest shooting percentage won both games (Denver shot 52.7% on Monday, Phoenix shot 52.8% on Tuesday)
  • Poor free throw shooting could have made the difference. The Nuggets missed 11 free throws on Monday; the Suns missed 12 free throws on Tuesday
  • The Suns had 6 more turnovers on Tuesday night that turned into 10 points for the Nuggets. That is 7 less points than in Monday’s game but 6 turnovers could translate into as much as 18 missed points in the event that all 6 possessions resulted in three-point plays.
  • The Suns had 4 technical fouls for the 2nd game in a row and are averaging 3.6 per game over the past 3 games. The team has received at least 1 technical foul in 9 of the past 15 games.

The next game is on Friday against Minnesota. The Suns are still fighting for 1st place in the Pacific Division so each game is important.

Let me know your thoughts on the game and any trends you might have seen over the past few games.

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